Wednesday’s Heads

Waiting for a call from your machine shop is like waiting for a call from your doctor. You never know what to expect. I had dropped off the heads for his examination and estimate of what it would take to make them road ready. When Ron called today, I could tell that the heads needed a lot of work. He suggested new guides, valves and springs plus resurfacing which all adds up to more than I had in my budget. The heads have value to the Corvette restorer but I choose to purchase a new set of heads with much better flow, screw in studs and guide plates for less than it would cost to rebuild these heads.

With that event behind me, I can now focus on making the block road ready. I will take the block to Ron later this week to see what needs to be done. I want a 327 so I will do what he recommends. Also, if any of you have a 64/5 Corvette aluminum manifold for sale let me know. The part number is 3844416.

Bob-O and I stopped by Bob’s to see how his floor came out and to help him start his new engine. His engine has been sitting for 10 years but has been maintained and kept dry. The engine turned over easy but would not start due to a faulty distributor. Bob-O testing the coil and it was just fine. While doing the testing, I asked if the transmission was in neutral and Bob didn’t know. A quick movement of the chassis and the turning of the drive shaft indicated it was in gear. From my past, I know that rule number 1 when starting a  new car for the first time is to jack up the rear wheels so the chassis will stay put. I had one start and go across the street and hit a house when I was younger and have never forgot what my father taught me. We did not get the engine started and will try a new distributor tomorrow.

This Sunday brings two fall events to our area.

The Early Times Swap Meet & Pancake Breakfast is back and is being held at:

Price Transfer

2790 Del Amo, at Santa Fe

Carson, CA

For your older fellows this is the old Mattel Toy Swap the club held for years. You won’t want to miss this one.

The Roaming Relics car show is also this Sunday in Moorpark and normally draws 500 cars. This is our largest local show and is always well attended.

The fall is a great time to attend the car shows and swap meets. Jump in your hot rod and head out.

Stay Tooned!


Bob is showing Joe how to clean the floor in his tudor using the Snap-On Crud Thug Air Removal Tool. This tool is amazing and will remove undercoating and rust easily with very little effort. The model number is PT280THUG and is priced at $499. Yes, very expensive but saves lots of time if you are in the business.

Here is the Snap-On version. Wesco and Dent Fix also offer a less expensive version. The tool really does work well for cleaning rusty panels like floor and inner roof panels.

Bob chose to paint his floor with a POR-15 like substance that kills rust. He did clean the floor down to bare metal before applying the paint. The body was in mint condition to start with.

When I noticed the chassis was not supported on jack stands Bob raised the wheels off the ground prior to starting the engine. Don’t forget this rule.

I found this original cowl vent bracket with the original CMG paint in tact. I polished it for the paint store to match. The shade is darker than most over the counter paint I have purchased. I like the darker version better.

I know it is a Deuce but the sedan is my favorite ride in the Deuce category. This one is a classic.

Bob started with a bare shell for his 40 woody wagon. The wheel wells look primo and are critical in doing a woody without any wood.

Note that this is the correct frame for a woody. You can tell the difference by the three holes in the rear legs of the x member.

This must be good feeling when you have the skeleton ready for the wood. Bob installed new floor pans.

Finally, the wood is finished by master wood worker Mike Nickels in MI. Now for the fenders and hood. I am still looking for the woody.

Yesterday’s Beach Boys!

The Stingray and the GTO were in this popular song. Note the black plate on the Corvette.

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