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Have you ever started the day thinking this is the day I am going to accomplish something? Today, I told my wife the weather is holding this morning so I am not going to the “Office” but I will be in the garage all morning. I have several projects started for Andre that require some welding to be complete. I have the garage full of projects and welding can be tough if I don’t get organized. I set up the workbench for welding and started building the rear jig supports for Andre’s dolly. I like all of my projects to be able to be mobile and for the past 6 months Andre has been stuck in bed. He is complaining and so is the wife. Today I made the jig parts and completed them prior to the rains. I hope I can bolt them on tomorrow and push Andre outside for all the homeowners to admire. He is looking much better than when he arrived. ( Almost a year now. )

On another subject, it seems the price of radiators have almost reached a $1,000. I know you need the best radiator you can purchase because without adequate cooling you can’t enjoy your hot rod in traffic. The electric fans do help but there is no substitute for a good cooling system. Several of my friends have either purchased or replaced one in the past few weeks and I have been looking for a used radiator for Andre. I have had both aluminum and brass ones and have never had any problems with either one. I prefer the brass ones as they can be repaired. Having said that, I did call Walker and asked about a repair and the cost would be $450 plus shipping each way ($110). I did the math and you should purchase new and take yours to the swap meet.

The subject of coolant to use became interesting at Toppers when Dave mentioned he was using 50/50 and needed to purchase more. Most of us did not know how many quarts a Deuce with a SBC would require but thought a couple of gallons would be adequate. Since it doesn’t drop below freezing very often in LA a gallon of anti-freeze and a gallon of water should do the trick. I never did measure the amount of coolant required in a new start up project. I always use the garden hose to top off the anti-freeze. I will measure mine in the roadster when I get the engine installed. I have a brand new walker for the roadster and a fresh SBC without any coolants installed. I will let you know the results.

UCLA is at Oregon tomorrow night so wish us luck.

Stay Tooned!


I had some questions about the blind nuts on a Woody. Here is a photo of the upper ones that connect the header to the rear uprights. They are stainless and are secured with 5/16 x 18 flathead bolts. It is important to have the bolt long enough to make a secure fastener. If the bolt is too short the nut will back off and fall on the road. As mentioned previously, a little blue loctite and a star washer will solve your problem.

The rear uprights for Andre’s jig are fabricated from 2 x 2 x 3/16 wall tubing, 2 x 2 1/4 inch angle iron and 4 x 5 1/4 inch plate. I purchased all the material plus the casters at IMS for a good price and made these very sturdy mounts. I can reuse these on any chassis.

The one is assembled and the other one needs the caster installed. This replaces the chassis jig I have used for years and is much simpler to use and store. Steve has the chassis jig now.

I use the front one with adjustable wheels in case I need to use the jig as roller in the garage. I can pull the pin and the front wheels will swivel also. I prefer the swivel in the rear and stationary in the front.

I had the wishbones on the bench and decided to cut them using my chop saw. The saw makes great cuts and the blades last forever. I will weld in the bungs tomorrow and show you some photos. Progress!

Jim had a picture of his father’s phaeton on the HAMB today and I fell in love with the car. I am not a 36 fan but this one sure looks great to me. Tom built a beautiful green one a few years back for Hamburger that was a SR cover car.

I have not seen this car in person, but my friend Dave has and told me it was a first class ride. I better get busy.

This cute little 29 on deuce rails has the look. Someone is having fun in their roadster.

Today’s Deuce…dreaming!

The Deuce Factory, while no longer in busy, has some very talented family members who build cars. Carl builds the chassis and Roy puts them under some very nice Deuces. This is his three window from a couple of years ago. I don’t know why it hasn’t sold unless it is the hidden hinges.

The rear view really shows off the nice profile of the chopped top (2 inches) and chassis rake. Roy Jr. can build a very nice detailed car. I always like the clean look he builds with his cars.

The interior, while not finished, is very sanitary and has an upholstered Glide seat, 40 wheel and Limeworks dropped steering column.

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