Wednesday’s Forty’s

My friend Bob has a new 40 coupe. He always puts Coker White Wall tires on all of his cars because he likes them. I think they look super on a 40 coupe. Have a look.


Side profile of a beautiful black 40 coupe. Tires, wheels and stance make a stock 40 coupe look terrific.


Front profile looks perfect in front of Bob’s Victorian home circa 1885.


Rear view provides the best look of all with dual pipes showing and the black paint shinning.


Some time ago I talked about painting my garage doors prior to the wedding. He is a shot showing the finished product. This is “Pewsplace” home of the Hot Rod Specialist. The wife and daughter are happy. Now for the inside of the garage.


I like bare metal cars and I ran across this shot of a nice coupe going together. This is the way to start a restoration. You can see everything that needs fixed.



Ionia Rod Shop in Michigan has started a trend with their dimpled boxing plates and X member frames. The car in the background has been in every show and magazine for the last two years. Only the best craftsman worked on this “Retro” looking car. I like it. Mike Martin and I made some X members for his new 32 frames back in the early 70’s which worked well but gave way to the round tubing that many use today. I like both, but not the small rectangular tubing that TCI uses. We are going full circle on many Hot Rod styles today. They all have a place in mind.

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