Wednesday’s Forties

I spent the morning at the office deciding what I needed to do today. The BBQ had taken a turn for the worst and needs replaced. The crew said purchase a new one so the wife and I headed to BBQ’s Galore to seek a replacement. It seems stainless in not only popular in the Hot Rod parts business but is also big in grilles. A $1000 later and we had a new gas grille that still needs hooked up to the island by the pool. There goes this months car parts.

Bob O asked me to come over and look at his new dash restorations that Lee Kelly did for him. They are both very nice, each with a different look. Bob is planning of installing the deluxe in his pickup with the car dash. The standard is a spare for his next coupe. I am still working on mind so I will just admire his.

Forty dashes are installed in various cars but look the best in 40’s IMHO. I have never seen so many different modifications to dashes as the 1940 Ford. Stock, Billet, SW, extended, smooth you name it and it has been done to the 40 dash. I think the stock look is for me but I have seen some very creative dashes in the past.

Stay Tooned!



Here is the fresh standard 1940 Ford panel ready for a new coupe or sedan delivery. SD’s had a Deluxe panel from the factory but I like these better.


The back side showing the converted stock gauges and 12 volt conversion. Wires are only connected to the S terminals. Lee does great work and is very quick and reasonable in price.


Deluxe panel for the pickup with the car dash. Bob O had the black faces which add the Hot Rod flavor to the custom truck. Chrome panel is new.


Bob O has lots of projects going. This is the chopped model A coupe he is building. The 8BA is out of Andre and should work just fine in the coupe. Truck water pumps were the hot tip in the early days but will be close to the radiator.

Today’s 40…wishing!


Long time friends Manny “Mr. Steet Rod” and his wife Hope with their SD. They have logged over 200,000 miles on this one.

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