Wednesday’s Forties

I have always thought you did not need a power booster on a 32 Ford. I have had very good results with just a dual master cylinder. Today’s technology has advanced so that power brakes are standard equipment on most hot rods being built. I worked on Andre today and studied the brake bracket and master cylinder situation. Since my floor was rusted out I decided to replace the floor and relocate the opening to fit the new power booster M/C mount. I used a CE adapter that puts the cylinder back about 10 inches. The 8 inch booster clears the floor and when I finish the new patch, the access hole will allow easy maintenance. I figured the SD, being heavy, would need a power booster to allow easy stopping at hiway speeds.

I did not get very far as the weather turned cold and I had to stop. Tomorrow I will take photos and do the installation. Frantic tells me you have to have power brakes for todays hot rods.

This weekend is the March Meet in Bakersfield which is always good to attend if you like walking and drag racing. The cars and crowds make this a must attend meet for gearheads. I have went several times over the years but the walking is too much for me now. I hope Steve will send me some pictures that I can share with you.

I have some pictures of some of my favorite forties for you to view. The 40 is the best deal for us old guys. Lots of room and comfort for that trip to Bakersfield. Turn on the harp and let it roll…

Stay Tooned!



This is a non boosted dual M/C that is adapted to a stock bracket set up using a home brew aluminum spacer. These are available from several sources or make your own. This is not mine as I am using a power booster.


this would make a nice daily driver. I would change wheels to steelies but American’s have that 60’s look.


Donnie always has a couple of sedans at his shop. I love the maroon one. He did a complete make over of the car. Another great daily driver.


This pristine classic 40 convertible would be right at home in my garage. Andre would be jealous.


I also like 4 door convertible sedans. This old custom has been brought back to life after living in a container for years.


Maybe this is my daily driver. Primer looks good and would make a great High School Hot Rod.


Flames are natural on a 40 sedan. I don’t like them as well on coupes.


Cloud Mist Gray makes a beautiful color on a 40.

Today’s 40…dreaming!


One of the best 40 coupes built recently. Jim knows 40 coupes.

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