Wednesday’s Focus

I have lost focus on Andre for the past couple of weeks so I decided I would go back to work and see what I can accomplish this week. I looked at the chassis and selected to run the brake and fuel lines without too much effort. I made some samples out of welding rod and headed for NAPA auto parts. While I was there, I picked up a 69 Mustang master cylinder for the disc/drum combination which has a 15/16″ bore. I had this unit on some of my previous cars and they work great. I don’t use a power assist as I find the brake pedal effort quite easy with this set up and the stopping distance is very short even in panic conditions. I hope to make the lines tomorrow after my trip to the “Office”.

I have come across an opportunity to purchase a complete 40 Ford wood kit that looks very nice in the photos. I thought I would test the waters and see if I could find a 40 Ford Woody cowl which would make the conversion easy. I made a call  to my friend and he just happened to know of one for sale that was in good condition. You can buy all the rest of the floor and I have all the brackets from a previous projects. I don’t need another project but I might be able to realize a 40 woody as my final dream car. I have always preferred the 40 but they have always been out of my reach. … Just a thought!

Stay Tooned!


How about a nice COE to haul your stuff to the LARS. This one was one of the best I have seen lately. Maybe this is a Richard Graves build.

I really think this is the optimum Woody for me. I could live with the Halibrands and IFS… Not cheap but one of the best.

Rich fell in love with this shoebox Ford. I think it is one of the best I have seen lately. She called it her High School Hot Rod and rightly so.

The engine bay was immaculate and fresh as was the entire car. Steve Davis did the tin work.

Originally from the Benny Bootle collection this standard sedan has been around for a long time and has been for sale for quite some time. You would not find a nicer standard that has received the care this one has. Good luck to the owner.

Originally from Fresno, this 41 delivery has also been for sale for several years. I don’t know why so many people are selling their nice rides but I suspect they have found something else they want. The sickness continues.

I liked this little coupe with the rolled and pleated interior. Note the louvered hood which was popular in my days.

Another very nice sedan with unusual flame colors. The coupes outnumbered the sedans this year.

You didn’t need a fancy 40 to drive to the park. This Yosemite green standard fit right in the group and had many admirers, including me.

Today’s Interior!

I called the upholstery shop today and got a quote for this luscious interior. I was pleased with the quote and have locked in this design for Andre. Now I must get the body blasted and painted this summer. I am a dreamer sometimes.



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