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Growing up in the Midwest I did not see many three window coupes and really didn’t pay much attention to them as my preference was the 5 window coupe.  I like 5 window coupes in model A’s, Deuces, Model 40’s and 1940s’.  Henry had a great design with doors opening from the B-pillar not the A-pillar.  I have owned a few 3 window coupes over the years (5 deuces) but really think the 5 window’s look the best in the hiboy style.  American Graffiti put the 5 window coupes on the map and with the new steel coupe being offered by Pacific Industries it looks like the latest rage will be a 5 window coupe.  I have also seen the New Age Motorsport Deuce 5 window with drip rails and a 2 1/2 inch chop that looks nice and far less expensive.

The model 40 five window coupes have never caught on like the Deuce but I still like them built as a hiboy.  SAR makes a super 3 window steel body but I don’t see many being built in the shops I visit.  I am sure the current economy has a lot to do with the sales of this great new coupe.  I think someone offers a 5 window but I can’t recall the manufacturer’s name.

Bob Drake also is betting on the popularity of the 1940 Ford 5 window coupe.  I am sure he has invested heavily in the tooling for the coupe with hopes he can satisfy the demand for the popular coupe.  The forty-five window has the solid seat back and package tray which is my preference. The jump seats are cute but add very little to the interior design.  As I grow older the 1940 Ford coupe appeals to me more and more especially if I have a long trip (over two hundred miles) planned.

In conclusion, the Ford 5 window coupe will always have followers and builders in the hot rod industry.  I continue to enjoy seeing the new ones and old ones being built. As I have mentioned in prior posts, my first hot rod was a Deuce 5 window that I planned to build and put Harry Luzader on the trailer at Indy.

Stay Tooned!


Sometimes you can lower the 40 a little too much.  Front chins really suffer on 40’s this low.

Here is another green 40 coupe that sits just right in the grass.  Note the super hood/grille fit on this sweetheart.

If you are looking for a lesser investment but just as appealing as the two above this high school hot rod is currently the rage with a lot of young and old fans of the 5 window 40 coupe.

BRG Moal built 5 window is at the high end of the scale for 5 windows.  George has a super black one built by Dave Lane a few years ago.

Here is my style and will always be in style for the classic hot rod build.  My friend George has one in storage waiting for a turn in the shop.

I am big on the Maroon coupe above.  Barry didn’t build this one but it has the “Ohio Look”.  If the rear side window looks square the top is chopped about 2 1/2 inches.

I love this 34 five window coupe with the racer look and Dow 7 Halibrands.  These cars ride much smoother than a Deuce due to the 112 inch wheelbase.

I have been following this build on the JJ and while too much chop for our state it will be a killer car when completed.

Here is an example of the current trend for retro 5 window coupes.  Copy this and have some fun next summer.

How come they don’t call this a 5 window sedan?  Full fendered sedans are hard to beat.  Note the 5 window 34 to the right of this beauty.

In the past….dreaming!

Here was my dream in 1970 after coming home from the West Point Military Academy.  A Logghe chassis, new Jack Stewart doors and American 5 spokes made me think I could go to Indy next year.  I am still dreaming after all these years.  Note 25 louver hood which I traded for solid sides with hot rod louvers.

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  1. Lynn,

    What is the scoop on the hotel? Also Jim Kelly Sr. wanted me to make sure that you know about the 2nd National Car Appreciation Day at the Lutheran College parking lot in Thousand Oaks on Saturday, July 9, 2011. There is no charge (FREE).



  2. Why doesn’t someone make a durable plastic chin for the Forties, seems simple, basic, and needed. Replace as needed, make in stock Ford colors, All Forty coupes have 6 windows. you know THAT….

    They don’t call’m 5 window sedans, cause there is NO 3 window sedans. (O, yah, sedan deliveries, might be called 3 window sedans,, LOL)

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