Wednesday’s Final Act

I have enjoyed writing this blog for the last few years but I am going to sign off for now and pursue some new interest in 2012.  I want to thank all of you for your contributions over the years and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Holiday.  I will still be attending the events and wearing my shirt so stop me and introduce yourself.

So Long!


Happy Holidays 



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  2. Lynn, I hate hear you are not going to do your blog. You have been a great source for streetrodders and the hobby around the world.
    I wish you and Jane the very best and stay in touch
    Tom Harris

  3. Lynn, Great Job!!! Your contributions will be missed by the midwest
    hot rod community!!

    “Sometimes it takes a whole tank of gas before you can think straight.”

    Thanks again!


  4. Thanks for a lot of enjoyable reading Lynn, plus your eye for good-lookin’ cars is unmatched. Merry Christmas to you and your family, I hope to catch up with you someday down the road.



  6. Thanks for all the effort you took to stop during the day and produce your fine blog. It made me feel part of the vibrant LA Hot Rod scene which from MA. I too infrequently to take part in. Enjoy life, your very understanding Wife Jane and your expanding family. Please finish Andre and let us see you driving him. Will miss the daily dose!! Terry

  7. Thanks for a great blog , I always looked forward to reading and sending pictures to it.Since the ROAD ANGELES days in Decatur Ill we have had a great time with hot rods & customs. Thanks again for a great time with the blog. This should be # 32
    See you at Toppers Tuesday

  8. Lynn, first of all “the Very Best of the Season” to you and your family. Secondly I am sorry to hear you are closing down the site but understand. THANK YOU for your website and the many hours of enjoyable reading and photos. Good luck in your new endeavor!! Best Regards! Dale

  9. OH NO!!

    Just as I got addicted; now for the withdrawals.

    The BEST for 40 Ford afficionados.

    Keep posting on the HAMB.

  10. Lynn, I have always enjoyed your blog and looked forward every day to your words of wisdom and pictures. I hope that you will leave your website up and running. It is always nice to occasionally go back and review past comments and pictures. If you don’t mind, I will continue to send you pictures of my projects. We Last talked to you in 2010 at the Santa Barbara Woodie Show. I will look for you whenever we make it out from Illinois to GG Pleasanton or one of the Pomona shows. Best Wishes,

  11. Lynn-surely will miss your blog–1st thing I looked at every day-lots of great info and pics. I will surely miss it as will many others. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Tim

  12. What a surprise and disappointment. I too started or ended my day with you. I am still hopeful we’ll meet someday soon. Info & photos you provided me on my ’33 roadster was appreciated. 2012 calendars are on the way, you may already have them. A wonderful Holiday to you and your family!
    Take care for now and “Stay Tooned”
    Tom Shorett

  13. It is human nature to resist change. So it sounds like we are all resisting the change you are making. Your blog has been fun and our window to the world of old cars. At least in the world according to Lynn. I respect your decision but I am leaving the door open for a return of Pewsplace. I just have to say that they have done Batman over 3 or 4 times, Mission impossible 2 or 3 times. I am thinking Pewsplace II would be well with in the guidelines of great blogging. We will all be out here looking at a blank screen, waiting. Have a great Holiday.

    And I thought this was going to be a great day? You have know idea
    What a boost we all get from reading your column.It starts my day the
    “Pews Place Way” old cars and hot rods.Maybe you better take a few
    days off,have couple cold ones,enjoy that new grand son,and rest up.
    All our best to you and Jane,have a great Holiday Season.See ya in Jan.

  15. Lynn,
    Respective of your decision, your blog will be genuinely missed. Happy holidays to you and Jane and wishing you good fortune in 2012

  16. Lynn,

    I have really enjoyed your site over the last year. I look forward to meeting you and your wife at a future event.

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Jeez…I’ll miss your blog, it’s been a wealth of information from one hell of a nice guy. Good to see you at the Malibu Woody Parade, look forward to seeing you around in 2012…

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  18. Until something is gone you don’t realize how much you will miss it. My first thought ( other than disappointment ) was to thank you for your past effort. It was obviously something that you enjoyed doing and it was appreciated by all. I can only imagine the hours you put into your site. Happy Holidays and may 2012 be the best ever for you and Jane. George

    P.S. I’ll keep checking your site (and I encourage others ) for an occasional comment.

  19. Lynn,
    Wow, you sure caught me and everyone else by surprise. PewsPlace is the first place I check when I log on to the computer. I’m sure going to miss looking at it every day. It is my link to the Simi Valley crowd that I lived and worked with for twenty years… especially the lunches at Topper’s on Tuesday. Best of luck on finishing Andre and a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Like Gary said, maybe you can do a monthly blog to keep us informed on your projects. I know I will continue to check in every now and then to see if you post something.

  20. No! say it isn’t so! What will we do without your wit and wisdom plus the groovy photos. May you have a wonderful new year and May God Bless you and your family.

  21. Lynn,

    Talk about being caught completely by surprise!! You sure can keep a secret. Hopefully this means that you are serious about getting Andre finished in 2012. I too like all of the others that have commented and the many others that have not commented will miss you blog. I would like to wish you, Jane and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


    P.S. Maybe now you will have the time to attend the Visalia Woodie Show in March 2012.

  22. Very disappointed. You are my daily fix. I’m certain I speak for everyone who views your blog, we really appreciate your involvement in the hobby. We’ll miss your contribution. Merry Christmas to you and yours, maybe you can do a monthly blog to keep us informed on your projects.


  23. Like all the others, Pewsplace has been a part of my daily routine. You have realy put a lot of time and effort into Pewsplace, and I have truly enjoied it. I know I will still see you from time to time at the office and other Hot Rodding events.
    Best regards,


  25. I really am sad. Pewsplace has been part of my daily hot rod routine. I’ll miss your input. Good luck!

  26. Thanks Lynn, after hearing about your site a few months ago, it was the first place I checked in on nightly. Same taste in cars, and a few mutual friends. All the best in the future R. Clark

  27. Thanks for posting your blog for our entertainment Lynn. I have often thought about how much effort it must take and yet never expressed it to you. Pewsplace has been my first place to look each evening. This will be like a favorite friend leaving town, but it is easy to understand your decision. Best of luck to you and yours. Hopefully the archives will still be available for viewing? Merry Christmas, Joe.

  28. You can’t quit now. What about seeing the 34 in color and fabric. What about the delivery that is coming along so fine. You just going to leave us all hangin? I will miss your blog and pictures,and maybe you will miss the comments and progress reports.Its been fun. Dick

  29. Thanks Lynn for all your effort on the site I looked forward to it daily living so close to one another I hope we can stay in touch dont forget where the shop is and ill stop by your house and check the progress on your project stay busy Alan

  30. Lynn, although I’m disappointed that I will no longer be able to enjoy your blog, I understand completely and wish you the best in all your endeavors. Thanks for all the pleasurable evenings at Pew’s Place. Have a very merry Christmas!

  31. I will so much miss checking on your blog every couple of days. We sure have the same taste in cars and your great photos were truly the best. Come back to MN this June and see JerryJohnson and myself. Our 50’s extravaganza is weekend after LARS. We heard some of the Roadsters are making the trek here for Back to the 50’s. I hope to fly out for LARS and then scurry home for our show. May your Christmas be blessed with good health to you and your family.

  32. Thanks Lynn, you have been my daily fix for hot rods! Your excellent taste in cars and your naritives of the pictured cars along with your builds have been wonderful! I will truely miss them. I wiss you sucess in all of your pursuits in 2012. You and your family have a wonderful Christmas! John Hubler

  33. Thanks Lynn, I’ve been reading your blog weekly since I heard about it in the spring of this year. It’s given me many enjoyable hours of reading while recuperating from some health issues that have kept me out of the garage for several months this year. I agree with Jims comments and wish you the best in the future. Happy Holidays. Rich

  34. Lynn, All the best to you and your family for a safe and relaxing Festive Season and happy hot rod building in 2012. I will miss your blog which I look at every day. Graeme and Ann Robinson

  35. Lynn, although I respect your decision I will really miss your words of wisdom, streetrodding information, and everything else that you provided to everyoneone on a weekly basis. Best of everything to you in 2012. Check in once in awhile when you can. JIM

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