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I have had a lot of discussions with people about hiboys versus cars with fenders. I have always been a hiboy fan of 1932-34 Fords but have owned both styles over the years. I agree some cars look better with fenders and others shine without fenders. The build style is what makes a difference to me. Resto-Rods should have fenders and a luggage rack, while a Hot Rod needs no fenders. When you look at the 35 -40 era Fords they all need fenders in my mind, but some builders have created some masterpieces, as you will see below. You may not like them but the workmanship on each car was done by a skilled craftsman and the crowds loved them.

I have always built my cars to a style that I like and sometimes have been swayed by current trends. The Boyd look of the 80-90’s caught on big time and I was hooked on one of his roadsters. Walt added to my desire by letting me drive one of his (which he just bought back) Boyd roadsters with the Boyd Super Chassis. I had never ridden in a roadster that rode so good. I still like that look today even though it is no longer popular. The traditional roadster is still the preferred look by the masses and SO-CAL has built a strong business on that business plan. In my 60 years of being a car enthusiast, I have seen several trends that were popular, such as Jaguar rear ends, MII front suspensions, Tube axles, I-beam axles, Four bars, Hairpins and Billet parts that were used by builders. Some died off, but some have stayed the course and continue to by utilized. Several companies have thrived on selling these components and will continue to do so. The traditional look is here to stay because of the age of the older rodder and the attraction of the younger set to our old ideas of how a Hot Rod should be built.

I am getting up there in years, but have a passion for our hobby that is as strong as ever and I will adapt to whatever is in my mind as I see new trends and components. Having an open mind allows you to use your mindset to make decisions based on input from others. As stated by Dalai-Lama “Listening allows the brain to learn while talking just repeats what you already know!”

We are headed to Solvang next week for a reunion with the Central Coast Roadsters and the Solvang group. Tales on Wednesday!

Stay Tooned!





Great photo of Brock’s Deuce sedan that looks a lot like Scott’s in LA.


If you like fenders, then this one is real nice with a great stance.


Al is having fun driving his Deuce tub all over the Midwest this summer.

shop stuff 024

Again, if you prefer fenders, then Gary’s is a perfect example of an 80’s style tub.


I love seeing these model 40 roadster hiboys going together. This one is from NZ.


Frank likes fenders on his Hot Rods and just had to have this 34 roadster.


Don has one of the cleanest garages around with a place for everything and everything in place. Jane thinks this should rub off on me. LOL!


Thanks to Bret for the really nice shirt with the Hot Rod Hundred logo. I love the design.


I saw this Speed 33 in Pomona a few years ago and really liked it.

10 Speed33 offen

I would take a Speed 33 in either version. The black one is from Germany.


Sometimes builders tackle the later models like this 37 sedan, but very seldom do they turn out like this one.


Some really nice metal shaping has been done to this body to give it the streamline look.


The interior was unique with lots of modifications.


This is the only 40 Tub I have ever seen that was a hiboy. Massive metal work and attention to detail.


Obviously this creation caused quite a stir at the Throttler’s Picnic a few years ago.


The whole front cowl was reworked to accommodate the Duvall windshield.


The car was all early style with a blown flathead and quick change.


High School date night car in my era. Just plain “Cool!”


Since it is Woody Wednesday this Don Bickel built 1946 Ford is a beauty.


Recently changed hands and is now is part of our group. Beautiful Woody!



With or Without Fenders!

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