Wednesday’s Engines

I looked at the various engines installed in the 40 Fords and was amazed at the different looks people create. I am not a “Bling” person so I look for the painted and detailed motors. Each person spends a great deal of money on valve covers, air cleaners, headers, ignitions, etc. and tries to coordinate the overall look. Here are some I thought were unique.

More roadsters tomorrow.

Stay Tooned!



The traditional stock green flathead always looks good to me.


Here is the flathead with aluminum heads and chrome accessories. Nice early look and very popular among the old and young rodders.


The standard small block Chey is very popular also. Nice use of color. This is Fords number one option.


Hemi engines of all sizes are appearing in Forty Fords in increasing numbers. Tough fit.


Blown Hemi is really an awesome sight under the hood of this old time coupe.


Bling Ford motor with all the chrome you could fit under the hood.



Don’s Bell Auto Parts Deuce. Engine is a very healthy 327 SBC. Sounds like a Hot Rod. The red roadster is Terry’s Deuce he built in Michigan.

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