Wednesday’s Electrical Woes

I spent 6 years in College studying Mechanical engineering and learned a great deal about mechanical and electrical components.  I am usually able to solve most problems on my own but I am having difficulty with Ruby’s gear driven starter.  The starter has been making a strange sound after you shut it off and then restart it within 10 minutes.  The bendix is not retracting fast enough and is causing drag on the unit.  The centrifugal force of the flexplate causes the bendix to go back in place but the drag is very loud.  I assumed this was common with a gear driven starter but Fred said no.  The GM gear drive is the best to install per Fred as it doesn’t exhibit those characteristics.  Basically, the problem could be attributed to one of the following areas. (1) The starter solenoid is defective. (2) The armature has flat spot. (3) The cables or wires are loose causing too much resistance. (4) All of the above.

I learned in school that electricity is like water flowing through a water hose.  The larger the hose (wire) the more water flow (voltage) and volume (amperage) it can handle. I normally use a #4 gauge wire which can handle 70 amps.  The amperage (power) is more than adequate to engage the bendix in the solenoid.  I can tap on the unit and get it to start but that is not the solution.  I personally think it is the starter solenoid and the # 6 wire battery cable that has been burned from header heat in the past.  I hope to remove the starter today, install a new one along with a new cable and try to system again.  I may try a new cable prior to removing the starter.  I have never had starter problems prior to this but I know they do exists.  I will let you know the outcome tomorrow.  Hot rods are a continuing education for the do-it yourself enthusiasts.

Stay Tooned!


This is what I like to see when I check into a hotel.  Bill Herbert’s Deuce hiboy roadster with an Ardun motor and all the nice stuff was staged in the entrance to the Fairplex Sheraton.  Nice job Bill!

I have a new starter to install but wanted to show you how nice the mini starters fit in the engine compartment.  I am learning more about the unit as I dig into the interior workings of the unit.  The dual bolt holes allow the use on any Chevy flexplate/flywheel combination.  Fred said this is a good one also.

Here we go again on how nice a tudor sedan can look.  Folkstone gray with maroon steelies makes my mouth water.  This is a 39 Ford Deluxe.  Note the windshield trim and wipers.  Gary thinks the mirrors are worthless as you can’t see anything out of the passenger side.

All you need is a little 283 hooked to the stock driveline and you have a good driver. This one still has the split core radiator which is stock.

Jeff drove his Moal built 29 to the show.  The front end styling is perfect and all custom fabricated in Steve’s shop.  Graphics are cream which blend nicely with the black exterior.

The rear deck lid louvers make a good statement for the Track roadster.  The chassis is a Moal torsion bar unit which rides really nice.  The engine is also a Ford with the Moal touch.

Not as common as the Deuce the model 40 was well represented this year.  This fellow was from WI and drove all through the swap meet area on Friday.  The car reminds me of the late Joe Mayall’s roadster.

After 40 Deuce hiboys, I headed to the preferred parking area and ran into this cutie.  Folkstone gray, maroon steelies and perfect stance drew us to this coupe. The interior was done in an Indian blanket fabric and a custom back seating area.

Today’s 4o Coupe….Dreaming!

A very nicely detailed coupe from CO was parked next to our Simi Valley crowd in the Preferred parking area.  I don’t think it was chopped but might have been lowered an inch or so.  Overall quality was outstanding.  I like the orange wires with radials.

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