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We had an interesting discussion at lunch today concerning purchasing a Hot Rod off one of the many sites on the internet. We have one of our lunch members who constantly is trying to purchase Hot Rods without looking at them. He assumes the seller is telling the truth, sends the money, only to be disappointed when the vehicle shows up in his driveway. Most of us agreed — this is not a good policy to follow. Vehicles that are not quite as represented, represent most of our friend’s purchases, but he still continues to purchase. Ebay provides protection but “as represented” is difficult to enforce once the vehicle is in your driveway. Plus the cost of transporting the vehicle to your location can add a couple more thousand dollars to the transaction price. We concluded our conversion by suggesting he make the deal pending inspection either by himself or an inspector at the seller’s location. There are numerous people who will inspect vehicles (for a fee) that can save you the headaches of a bad vehicle. Remember, even dealing with some reputable sites, Hot Rods may have some hidden flaws that the consignment house didn’t know about such as “too much bondo” under that pretty paint. Most cars have bondo and they are O.K. but some are sculptured  with bondo not metal finished — stay away from these Hot Rods. Also, a low asking price for a quality appearing Hot Rod is probably too good to be true but not always. Again, see for yourself and make the decision. Negotiating over a long distance is a tough task, sorta like a long distance romance. Face to face at the time of the transaction is always the best way to spend your hard earned money for a Hot Rod.

The remaining days of August will be busy for Pewsplace. I hope to share some of my experiences at the various events we are attending. I never tire of driving Hot Rods, attending events and meeting new people who share the same enthusiasm as I do. I always wear my Pewsplace hat and shirt so stop me and say hello.

The Flame continues to burn one day at a time.

Stay Tooned!






We had 40 Ford today at the Habit. Driving your Hot Rod is what makes you who you are.


Joe drove his 34 hiboy roadster to Louisville and joined in the activities with his beauty.


He added the stock tail lights by bending the stock stands 90° and bolting them to the triangle plates on the body. He also kept the stock gas tank apron. Truly and old school look. “Bitchin’ !


This beauty is from Switzerland and shows up all the time. Who needs a Deuce when you can have a model 40 with leg room. ( I am partial to these you know.)


Cecil, from Hercules, debuted his new Deuce Woody at Louisville and I’m sure it will be a big hit with the Deuce guys. Dale — you need one of these for all the lakes you have in MN.


Bruce had his deluxe 3-window in Santa Cruz for all to admire. The Dave Enmark built Ardun equipped flathead really sounds great. He drives it all over the place.


When you have a perfectly restored Deuce 3-window and your wife wants a Hot Rod — then you make her happy with a Deuce roadster.


I thought this was a great shot of the “Moonshiner’s 40” we often relate to when talking 40 coupes. (FB)


My 34 in Atlanta in 1977. Zenith wires were the ones to have and cost way more than I told my wife.


This was my second Jaguar rear axle that I installed. An expensive project but the car rode like a dream.


This B-400 was in Reno and attracted a lot of attention. I like the all black and regal look of this seldom seen Hot Rod.


Louisville was a little wet at times but didn’t dampen the sprite of the true Hot Rodders. It is nice to see Rick back on the road again after some health issues.

Today’s Safety Tip


This photo shows the broken batwing bolted to a tube axle. This appears to be a shear fracture caused by a binding condition or a large pot hole. Check you installations on a regular basis.



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