Wednesday’s Deuces

I visited the dentist early and was impressed with the new digital X-ray machines he has installed.  You can actually watch the whole process on the monitor in front of you.  I need one of these machines to work on my cars.  I could see the problem without having to climb under the car or engine compartment.  Hi-tech has its advantages in some areas.  I should invent some software to use for X-raying a hot rod for potential problems.  I think NASCAR has some machines they use to catch cheaters.  While I am not into the Hi-tech arena in my passion for old Hot Rods I do appreciate any tool that will make a diagnosis quickly and accurately.

I have been writing about Bob’s coupe and sedan transformation for a couple of weeks and with the heavy rain coming down today I headed over to see if I could help him cover up the sedan body.  The body is outside but under a tarp so it should be safe for a couple of more days.  Space is always a problem when you have too many cars without a designated enclosed space. Upon arriving at Bob’s, he was in the process of securing the window opening with a cover to keep out the rain.  The disassembly goes quickly, but the re-assembly takes several months and the parts need to be protected from the elements.  I left and felt good about the sedan being protected from the rain today.  Andre sat outside for years and survived but I won’t leave him outside anymore.  The Pewsplace Hilton has no vacancy at the moment but you never know what will show up tomorrow.

Steve and the central coast gang visited the Fresno area to do some garage tours.  He took some great photos that I will share with you today.  Thanks Steve.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the lineup of Deuces, 34 in all, in the Lawson collection.  Pretty impressive.

Looking from the other end of the facility you can see the all the Deuces standing stall.  Note the floor finish.

I love hiboy three windows and this red one would look good in my garage.

The full fendered three window looks to be a good example of the resto-rod era.  The big headlights were popular in the 70’s.

RPU’s are popular now and this one fills the bill for the collector.  Note the hood bubble. ?

I know this car well and tried to purchase it several years ago from an associate LA Roadster club member.  I think it had whitewall tires and steelies when I wanted it.  Looks like he has two converts and no coupes.

Lloyd has a couple of nice vicky’s at his shop.  This under construction Vicky has a baby hemi installed and will be a super ride when completed.

The completed Vicky was Steve’s favorite.  H&H flatty with a T-5 and pure sex.  Maybe this one will be at the Driven Deuces display in Pomona in January.

This sure reminds me of my 48 from a couple of years ago.  Every collection needs a nice 46-48 Ford convertible to complete the pre-48 line up.  Why are they always maroon?

Today’s three window…dreaming!

Yes, the mighty Ardun is showing up in everything today.  Louvers, hood straps and mag wheels scream “Hot Rod”.

The deck lid is full of louvers also.  If you have ever had to sand these louvers for painting and buffing you would only like a smooth trunk….trust me!  Killer stance on this magnificent Deuce.








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  2. Lynn,

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