Wednesday’s Deuces and Forties

We were blessed with 70+ degree weather and lots of sunshine today so I put the chin back on Pepe. As usual, a simple job turned into an all afternoon project. Things never seem to go back together like the came apart. I had one of the 10 bolts that didn’t line up and I must have worked of 2 hours making adjustments to all the grille components to make everything line up. The chin looks good and un-damaged, but not an exact match color wise. I went back to the paint store and they told me gun pressure will make a difference in the paint color. I was not aware of that and have never had that trouble previously. I left it alone after color sanding with 800 grit paper and water. Smooth and shiny and from 30 foot looks perfect. Lets get on the road and see how long I can keep it dent free.

Scott has the door in black paint so I should be O.K. to go for next week. I know it is just a show, but I am excited about seeing all the 40 Fords together and then walking over and looking at the 17 roadsters competing for the grand award. Shows are a lot of work and take up 5 days of your time but to me – it is time well spent. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is what the hobby is all about. I never had any interest in winning or showing a car for the sake of being on display. I much prefer the hot rods that cruise the roads of LA and have fun doing what hot rodders have done for many years. We certainly live in a time when hot rods are popular and lots of events are scheduled every weekend plus the ones our “Back Road Boys” schedule. I am still a fan of the pre-48 model Fords but appreciate seeing all the new entries into our once protected events….Time marches on and we must adapt or select another hobby.

Several of you have asked about the 40 is 75 wearables with the logo shown. As of this date, we don’t plan on selling any items, but if their is enough demand someone will be offering them on a limited basis. More information will be issued in a future blog. You will be ordering them straight from the vendor and not Pewsplace.

Enjoy the photos and if you don’t have a Deuce or Forty then you can dream about one in your future.

Stay Tooned!



Here is the finished chin prior to tightening the bolts. Not quite a match but close enough for now.


Bob-O wants me to restore the original plates and install them which is now legal in CA. Note the last registration was in 1964 with these precious Black plates.


I found this 40 Woody project which looks fairly complete and would only require about $100K+ to finish. I am too old for these projects but I like to look for them.


BJ has this one on the block and states it is a Boyd built car. I will be watching to see what it brings.


I will never understand why people chop their cars to such extremes. I think they would be illegal in CA and very uncomfortable to drive. It does have a nasty look and a QC peeking out the back.


A great photo from the HAMB showing this brave roadster owner taking his hot rod for a Winter drive.


SO-CAL built this little roadster with their out of the box items and it turned out stunning. I really think the Brookville body is a super deal as opposed to buying a clapped out original body for too much money and then spending a fortune on body work. I know they need work also, but you are way ahead of the game when building a Hot Rod with new parts.


Someone sent me another photo of the BRG roadster I mentioned the other day. This also looks like a SO-CAL built car but I am not sure. I like it lot. I wonder how those dirt track tires and tractor fronts ride on the freeways of LA?


Note this is a chopped sedan delivery with the drip rail carried all the way to the back rather than stopping at the door. Foose did this a long time ago and I like it.


Cory has the eye for building a nice Deuce hiboy roadster using some tricks of his own. This one is for a customer in the Bay Area.


Yes, this is a happy man. When you reach this stage you are ready to start looking for a new project. Black is hard to beat on Henry’s Iconic Deuce.

Today’s 1940 Coupe

bill's std in Reno

These little darlings are showing up everywhere and are still relative inexpensive to join the club. The standard model is growing on me.

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  1. I think the guy at the paint store was looking for an excuse and probably didn’t want to admit that he mixed the color incorrectly. He’s the sort of guy who would try and sell you a right handed screw driver. Anyhow the chin looks great.

  2. Lynn , after seeing your photo of the chin repair , IMO to color is way off and has nothing to do with air pressure . I’ve painted a lot of different things through the years , and the only time that air pressure mattered was if the paint was a metallic or pearl where the air pressure would alter the way the particles laid down . A solid color is just that ,, a solid color .

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