Wednesday’s Deuce Week

Dave picked up his credentials at the Petersen and started the day off on the PCH tour. He asked me if I wanted to ride along but I really don’t fit in a heavy chopped Deuce roadster. I will wait until tomorrow  when they visit the HHR, Old Crow and H&H. While I have been to those shops many times it is always nice to see what they are working on. I know HHR is building the Drake 40 coupe and I hoping to see that again. I don’t know where they will park in that little area but I am sure Troy has it figured out. Saturday will be the big day to see all the cars in one spot. I am planning on spending the day enjoying the show.

I have been helping my friend Bob repair his 37 Ford truck frame and spent yesterday at the sheet metal shop with him. He had some u channel plates like mine made up as well as some other flat pieces sheared. It is nice to have a friendly place to do your small jobs. Large power shears and breaks make the job easy. Rosco Sheet Metal is the place to have your hot rod parts made. They are located right by IMS.

For those of you sending Pewsplace cars for sale, please remember to take the photo in a large format and positioned in a 3/4 front view. I will try my best to make it look good but need quality photos sent via the computer. I can scan you 35 mm but they don’t look good on this site.

I will be at the show this week and will try to update the happenings daily.

Stay Tooned!


In Detroit they build lots of cars and they even build some really nice Deuces as shown above at this years Autorama.

Keep in mind this is winter in the Motor City and CT is driving his Deuce home from the show. Now for a young man with lots of talent he is showing the world that driving your Deuce is what it is all about. See the HAMB.

Here is another beauty from the Detroit show. Gommi has some competition with this one. I do like Deuce phaeton hiboys. Lots of room and no top. A full tonneau would look nice.

I liked this Washington blue hiboy with the ribbed tires and Guide lights.

If I still lived in Detroit I would have much preferred to drive the CMG sedan home in the cold weather. Flip on the heater and cruise Woodward home to Bloomfield Hills. Now your talking.

I would even consider driving this one home on I-75 to Troy. Looks like one of Jim Cherry’s creations. These are beautiful cars in any condition but this one is pristine.

I am hoping this Deuce will be in the show. Lots to see on this one starting with the Blown Ardun.

Paul has his roadster looking good with all the accessories he didn’t use on the TUB.

Today’s Favorite!

Paul drives his cars and you will see him far from home in this unique and highly accessorized Deuce.

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