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The 70’s and 80’s were the years of Red cars and the Resto-Rod look. Henry Dana and his wife Nancy had the secret Red formulae that everyone wanted. Boyd developed his red that was also very popular. Actually, Magoo started it all with his Porsche Guards Red paint on his roadsters. It seemed all the high end cars were painted some shade of Red and had tan interiors. I was living in the South in the middle 70’s and Johnny Rogers, a noted car builder, purchased Wayne Henderson’s Deuce Vicky and painted it Red. That really started the popularity of the classy Victoria. Zenith wire wheels were also the top of the line wheels for these beautiful cars. I remember saving for several months to purchase a set for my 34 tudor…nothing else would do. The wife still doesn’t know how much I paid for them. Chrome Jaguar suspensions were also popular and added big bucks to the overall cost of the suspensions. I still love the Resto-Rod look even though I went through the Boyd smooth Billet era and back to the pre-war look on some of my builds. I think the changing styles keeps all of us old dogs still in the hunt for early iron that we can build. I must admit that when SO-CAL started the early traditional look that I was hooked on everything except the bias tires.

Getting back to the Deuce Victoria, whose body was made by Murray for Ford, and was a low volume (8,580) production car, somehow became a much sought after Resto-Rod. I was fortunate enough to locate a nice body in Detroit for $400 dollars in 1970 but a job transfer forced a sale to a good friend. I still admire the car when I see one and always take time to look them over. Today, we will look at some of the beautiful Vicky’s that have been built and a few that are under construction. I am sure you will see a few at the Havasu Deuce Day which is this weekend.

Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

Stay Tooned!



The beautiful red Deuce Vicky featured on Monday started the ball rolling on Vicky’s. This one is fully Jaguar suspended.


Doug McRae sent along his red Vicky which is a similar version with a dropped axle.


The cars are very near twins — but wait, there are more that surfaced.


R: 154 G: 255 B: 160 X:39852 Y: 0 S: 56 Zs: 2 Zp: 92 F: 776 I: 0 ImgVer:

                                                   Dale submitted his version of the famous Deuce Vicky.

The rear has the “Bustle” that makes it a very stylish Hot Rod…could there be another one that Henry Dana built vehicle?



Gary thinks his is the Henry Dana built Vicky which he has changed a little.

Will the real Henry Dana Built Vicky please come forward!



It is hard to beat the all black Deuce Vicky for a classy look.


A good friend of mine started a Vicky project and this is how it looked when sold to Eric Clapton.


Completely metal finished and ready for final body work.


Roy built this stunning example for Eric including a chopped top.

Mike Martens Vicky 1972 2

Here is the one I had which Mike finished and put in a flathead as many of us did in the 70’s.


Another popular wheel choice was the Halibrand wheel which was my favorite.

32 VikSnotsRburg 3-12

The true Resto-Rod had the black fenders with the  stock colors or close to original look.


Five spokes were also popular even with the two tone paint.


Bobby loves black and built this winner using his signature large tires and wheels.


The nose in the weeds really provides a true Hot Rod look more than the 80’s look.


Roy also built a hiboy version for Jorge and I fell in love with the car.


Gary has one stored away in his fleet of Deuces.


I used to see this chopped version that Red built when I lived in the South. I believe it was purchased by someone in LA.


Here is a more modern version of the Vicky.


One of the surprise builds is this black bomb with full blown Hemi!


Unusual for a Vicky but should do the trick.

Construction Zone


My friend George has one stored away complete with a Jaguar suspension.


He has it back in shape now as he is a master metal man.


Jim purchased this one at an auction after it was in a fire.

photo 1

This one has a baby hemi and should be done by now.

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