Wednesday’s Deliveries

Sedan deliveries are part of my history going back to 1967 when I purchased my first 1934 delivery. My original plan was to tow my Deuce 5-window to the track to compete in C/G. I soon learned that racing was out of my budget in any class and sold the delivery and completed the Deuce. Over the years, I always admired the delivery but it wasn’t until 1988 that I actually purchased another one from Jack in Detroit. Since that time I have always had some Ford delivery in my garage or on the way.

Driving a delivery can be challenging if you want it to be or simple if you add some decent mirrors and use caution when changing lanes or backing up. I am very careful and have never hit anything except a hidden lawn chair that someone left behind. Jane likes the room in the back for all the items ladies seem to need on a trip — if you know what I mean. I too love the extra space for tools and chairs. You won’t see many at the meets and I like that about the delivery. I have always liked the rareness of the delivery and love talking to other owners who share the same passion for the sedan delivery.

Have a look at some of today’s deliveries and see if you might be talked into one. Let me know, as I know of a nice one for sale.

Remember 3 – doors are better than two or four!

Stay Tooned!



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The stock Deuce looks good and makes a nice sedan delivery.

 Add a little hot rod flavor to the stock delivery and you have a bitch’n ride.

A new build by friend George who is a perfectionist.

The 34 with dual side mounts is a stocker and provides great advertising for the camera shop.

My first sedan delivery was a 1934 and I still love them 50 years later. Making them a Hot Rod is O.K. by me.

My old delivery as it appears today.

Jerry has updated the interior with wood and carpet.

Lettering on the side really adds to the flavor of a 36 sedan delivery.

Dave’s is a perfect example of the Cordoba Tan 36 delivery.

This cute 37 sedan delivery showed up on FB and caught my attention. The Tan body and Red wheels really look good to me.

The 41 delivery has been given the Hot Rod treatment and a two-tone paint scheme.

I once owned a Coke delivery that was one of 400 purchased by the company in 1940.

Lou has a nice two-toned delivery and you could order them that way in 1940.

You meet the nicest people when you drive a delivery. Les is now in the US.

Gary likes deliveries also and built this beauty for the shows.

When I lived in Danville, CA I fell in love with Tim’s 46 and tried to purchase the car but that didn’t happen.

I purchased this flower trunk from the owner of a flower shop in Altadena and proceeded to copy Tim’s. Four NOS fenders and original American’s were a lucky find.

Jim Smith, Hot Rod Garage, now owns the delivery and drives it everywhere.

A red Deuce of the current thinking with a 50’s flare or…

An oldie from the past made drivable and cool will be “My Other Car is” a roadster!

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