Wednesday’s Colors and Roadsters

The fall season brings out the landscape colors in most areas of the country, even in the Los Angeles area. I can recall living in New Hampshire and taking the family for a scenic drive to the White Mountains. The tree colors were breathtaking and the children loved to stop and have something with Maple syrup as an ingredient. There is something about the fall that always makes me feel good. Maybe it was the apple cider and donuts we thrived on while living in Detroit, or the candied pecans Jane made while  living in Georgia. We used to take the 3 window out to the pecan orchards and watch the tree shakers at work. The kids were fascinated by how the pecans fell to the ground. In all of our various locations we have always enjoyed the fall and we always made time to enjoy a ride in the country side in our hot rod.

In LA, we can still enjoy the season without a heavy sweater or coat and most days can drive with the top down. The children are long gone but my wife and I still make the effort to see the colors along with the Pacific blue waters. We plan to drive up the coast tomorrow and take in all the sights, plus look for something for the pallet that taste like fall. Solvang is full of those places as are the back roads leading to the Danish City. As your approach the Bay area, the weather does become cooler and more comfortable clothing is required. We are driving our regular car so having the top down in not possible. If you haven’t seen the vineyards in the fall then do yourself a favor and take a trip a little later next month. They vines are very colorful, especially during sunset.

Our October trip to the Boathouse should provide more fall colors for the “Back Road Boys and the Central Coast Roadsters”. The season is winding down but we still have a couple of months of good roadster weather without the tops.

Stay Tooned!


roadster 005

Terry has completed his version of a Deuce hiboy roadster and I love the look. Purchase a running mor-door, sell the body, add a Brookville roadster body and presto you have yourself a perfect fall cruiser.

roadster 002

I have always loved this angle for showing off a true rear axle for a hiboy roadster. A QC is peeking out and providing the tailgater a view of a real race car. Lots of patina in the rear spreader bar and license plate frame/topper.

roadster 008

The engine is perfect for this build style and yet provides ample power for driving the freeways of LA.

roadster 006

I am a big fan of this look for an early style hiboy. Not too fancy, but not too shabby either, just right with nice upholstery.

Good job Terry!


YaYa has made the trip up the coast many times and is a very comfortable ride for the wife and I. We miss her.


Send me your photos of your hot rod in the trees like this stunning example. Fall is beautiful.


NZ has some beautiful roadsters to do some cruising. I think it is summer now. I love this one.


It must be summer and Greg (yellow hiboy) is enjoying the day with his friends.


Paul drives his masterpiece everywhere and people just stand and stare at all the accessories he has installed. He has side curtains to endure the fall and winter months ahead.

ad pic

A little more protection from the ocean breezes with the top up and the Duvall windshield.


Cory and Ashley made the trip down the coast in his pristine roadster. What are you waiting for?


George and Karen came down to the Outriders Picnic and choose their cozy coupe rather than a roadster. He has both but comfort can be had easier in the coupe. My neighbors thought I had another new hot rod….not yet.

Roadster Drivers Rest Stop!



Australia has some beautiful countryside and this roadster has stopped for some excellent photo opportunities.



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