Wednesday’s Coastal Fever

Jane and I hurried to load Pepe for our monthly adventure to Summerland where we spend $50 for gas to purchase a $5 hamburger special. Makes sense to me. Today’s trip was special as we were finally meeting up with the Central Coast Roadsters who also are active drivers of their hot rods. We were scheduled to leave at 9:00 am but we left early so we could show the ladies the magnificent view of the Ventura Harbor from the Serra Park Cross (Circa 1915). Dick led us through the back roads, which wind deep into the valley among the beautiful farm lands. Jane had never seen this area so she was very excited. We finally arrived at the park and spent some time taking photos, looking at the Pacific and the mountains whose sides have been developed into farm land. After a brief stop, we headed for our final destination in Summerland. We all approached the coast highway on-ramp and immediately pushed hard on the right foot to join the fast traffic already filling the roads. I really enjoy the horsepower Pepe has and we quickly were keeping up with Dick’s hiboy roadster. Is 80 mph too fast?

The fog was still heavy and the dampness in the air provided the roadster owners with a true test of their endurance. The weather stayed cool the entire trip and Jane and I rolled up the windows and felt the warmth of the Edelbrock engine penetrating the firewall. We soon were back on the ocean access road where all the campers and surfers were having the time of their life doing what Californian’a do best… Enjoying life. We arrived at the restaurant where the Central Coast guys were waiting for our arrival. We all joined them in the parking lot for a brief meet and greet and some photo taking. The colorful cars attracted lots of spectators as well as lots of questions. I love this part of stopping with a group of hot rods. People of all ages like to see the cars and their owners having fun.

We had reservations for 12 but we ended up with 23 people so the manager made a special effort to seat us all together outside where we could watch our cars (thank you). Lunch took a while but this allowed us to become better acquainted with our Central Coast Roadster friends. We finally finished our lunch and Don decided we needed some desert so we all headed to the Foster Freeze for some ice cream. While socializing, we determined that we would like to plan another adventure to Solvang, the Danish village founded in 1911 which is just up the road from Santa Barbara. Tentative plans are to meet at the Alisal resort on Tuesday, September 10th about 11:30. Solvang is a beautiful town with lots of shops for the women and lots of desert places for the men. (Please note that Bobby and Steve (roadster owners) you are invited to have lunch with us).

I would like to thank all of you who made the journey and I hope you had a good time. As they say in LA…”Lets do lunch.”

Stay Tooned!


We ended up with several more cars than usual so we had to spread out in the parking lot.

Our first stop was to pick up Dave and Fred who joined us for the adventure to Summerland.

The backroads provide some wonderful scenery and require good brakes for all the curves you encounter.

The clouds were still sleeping when we reached the peak of the Serra Park.

Jane loved the view even though it was foggy and cool. On a sunny day you can see the islands in the Pacific.

The “Office” staff posed for this wonderful photo. They hid Dick’s roadster but Pepe was standing close by so he could be seen.

The final leg was still cool and foggy but very enjoyable as we watched the campers and surfers do their thing.

Dave was lagging behind to take some photos of the long roadster line going up the coast. Thanks Dave.

The Central Coast Roadsters had the parking lot taken when we arrived so we joined them for a meet and greet session. Great group of guys and roadsters.

Pepe had a lot of lookers when he yawned and showed his Inglese set up to the crowd. The system works great so far.

We had a little wait so Don used his roadster as a conversation pit. Steve is standing close to the red roadster as he is wanting one real bad. Don’t we all!

We were all (23) able to sit together which made conversation much easier. Thanks to the Summerland Beach Cafe manager.

The Central Coast Roadsters have several nice cars in their group. I love the plaque design.

Mike’s tub is very, very nice and has a great stance which is important on a phaeton. Dave and Mike compared notes on their cars. Dave has owned his since 1963 and Mike has owned his for long period of time also.

Different styles but similar in stance with chopped top and great stance. I could be interested in one of these.

Just back from Deuce Days in Victoria, this bright yellow cabriolet was really a nice ride and very comfortable.

My wife also liked this black beauty with a super black paint job and overall clean design. Roadsters bring smiles to my wife’s face.

Another Deuce with a very attractive paint scheme made the trip without any problems. My wife liked this one. Note coil over front suspension.

Another Deuce from the group was this stunning black beauty. I never seem to get enough of these true hot rods.

Lucille, Pepe’s girl friend was with the CCR group and power parked in the first spot. The roadster guys make he park far away.

Dave drove his long time 3 window to enjoy the monthly cruise to Summerland. He has the perfect stance on his coupe.

Almost home after a wonderful day at the beach. Pepe ran perfect and was a good boy. He didn’t race Don who could not stay behind anyone for long. Note the fog is still heavy at 3:00 pm.

Wednesday’s Dream Sedan!

Now this is what I am talking about….clean, simple and belongs in my garage. Watch for “Project Deuce” updates in a few weeks…right Dave! (Photos from the HAMB)

I have the motor but need the paint code for the “Vanilla Shake” paint on the firewall. Note engine driven fan.

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