Wednesday’s Chase

Fall is in the air and it feels good during my morning walk along the back nine of Wood Ranch Country Club. I often stop and watch the golfers tee off and wish I could join them. My golfing days have been over for many years but I still enjoy watching the players chase the little white ball. It reminds me of chasing that evasive Deuce Phaeton that keeps coming up at coffee. You keep hitting the back roads and yet it still doesn’t show up. Hot rodders are like golfers in many ways; they continue to hope for that hole in one and yet are satisfied with a par. The rumored Phaeton that I have been searching for turns out to be a model 40 that has been taken apart and cut in half to make storage easy. It is not the first time I have seen that done, but it sure makes a grown man cry — no hole in one but could be an easy par.

The chase or hunting for and old Ford has long been a passion of mine and my fathers. He would come home from a hard day at work and scour through Hemmings and the local want ads to see what was available. I was very young, but I do recall him taking me for a ride to look at a Deuce sedan that was for sale for a couple of hundred bucks. I stayed in the car and he talked the owner down to one-fifty and he gave him a deposit. We later went back with my mom and picked up that old sedan. He converted the sedan into a duck decoy hauler for our trips to the lake during duck season. He was an expert mechanic and keep that old 21-stud purring during the winter months. I am sure he is still chasing cars and I miss him a lot. I guess I will continue to chase old Fords until I join him and we can do it together.

The Dana Point Marriott Cliffs Resort will be hosting the Woody show on October 19 and that will conclude the season except for the Malibu Christmas parade. Fall is here and I love it.

Stay Tooned!



Dave attended the Goodguys in P-Town and liked this Folkstone Gray 40 coupe. I think this may be another Bedford build but can’t tell from the photo. The fall is coupe weather in Nor-Cal.


Since Dave has my old 48 convert he thought to snap a photo of this nice 48 convertible to remind me of how nice these cars are to drive.


Here is another photo of JR’s 40 standard sedan. He learned from his father how to make them sit right. He told me you just need to learn how to drive them when they are this low. Right!


Here is another very nice standard sedan that is in Japan. He also has the stance correct. These big sedans have room for the whole family.


Another Deuce hiboy roadster that was on display in the Goodguys building. A very clean build style.


The dash featured a reworked 1940 Ford and seems to fit like it was made for the roadster. Nice interior!


I wonder what happen to this build since R&C shut down? I thought this would make a super nice ride and different from a Deuce hot rod. Leave the frame holes if you must have fenders.


Seldom seen at shows but highly desirable are the 29 full fendered roadsters like this one. The Moon disc are seldom seen on cars today like they used to be in my early days….. Ready for some action on the streets.


A beautiful 37 Ford truck with a Ford engine and stack injection was worth a second look. We are seeing more and more Ford engines in hot rods than in the past.


My friend Vic had his coupe on display in the Reagan Library right under Air Force 1.

photo 1

Mike is putting his Deuces away for the winter in MN. I remember the beauty of this time of year but won’t soon forget the harsh winters.


Steve finally installed a QC in his roadster to satisfy his thirst for his old Lobeck roadster look of the 70’s. A hiboy needs a QC in my book.


Greg takes lots of photos and I liked this one showing two versions of the “Iconc” Deuce roadster.Moon Pies are good also.

Like it Was!


Young guys with their cars. We would all like to go back to these days without all the rules and restrictions imposed on our cars in today’s world. The center guy was the rich one in town with a Deuce.

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