Wednesday’s Cars

Cold this morning. Fall is in the air and it feels like coupe weather today. The frame is painted and will be delivered today. I have a couple of friends coming over after lunch to help set it up. Two years have passed since I started on the roadster and I am very happy to have it looking like a car now. The quick change is done and the axle bells are painted so it is time to put it together. Pictures on Monday.

Here are some more pictures from this weekend.

Stay tooned!



Dereck’s old style 32, Lincoln brakes, stock frame, nice craftsmanship


Dick,s chopped 40 convert. One of my favorite local cars. SBC, Heidts, 9 inch


Old 1958 RP came out for the show. This car has quite a LA history. There were several RP’s in attendance.


Early V8 shops sons new t roadster. Nice workmanship which they are known for.


Lots of these funny looking V8 motors. They call them expensive!

Sneak Peek


Ebay today! This is the color of my new Deuce roadster. Med Cabernet

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