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Yesterday at Toppers I stated that I could not remove my steering wheel and did anyone have any ideas I could try. Several were mentioned but I had tried all of them. I went home and studied the situation and decided I needed a nap before tackling this project again. I turned on CNBC to see how much money I was loosing and I noticed a car pulling in the driveway. Now, I live in a gated community so I was very surprised to see Bob and John get out of the quiet Prius. Now I was ready to start with all this help to provide advice and muscle.

The first approach was to use the small hammer and puller. The wheel did not budge. The next approach was a little heat, hammer and the final method was a number 4 tip heating the entire area, a big hammer….off the wheel came and no damage to anything. Thanks for you help guys. Someday’s I wounder why I took on this project and then when you have success it all makes sense.

The GNRS is on my mind and I am starting to see some samples on the internet of some great looking cars that are planning on attending. If you want to see a great car show this is the one to see. There are all types of cars to suit everyone’s taste. I like roadsters so building 4 and the Suede palace are for me. I go all three days and enjoy each one. Outside parking on the weekend is an added feature that seems to attract a lot of people.

I am headed out with my wife to do our first day of Christmas shopping so I will not have time to work on the cars today. It was 30 degrees this morning when I went for my walk. I am trying to keep in shape so I can fit in my roadster this spring….

Stay Tooned!



Here is my neighbor’s delivery with an F100 automatic column. Looks and works great. I am leaning toward the deluxe panel as it is correct for deliveries.


Here is the 2009 AMBR winner. A Deuce, of course.


This is the bracket I made to secure my top to the dual mounting holes on a 33/34 roadster.


I wonder if Lou has heat in his garage to work on his 40 coupe. I hear baby Hemi.


HHR installs a lot of Wilson Welding backing plates with Lincoln drums. They work and look good on a traditional car.


The cockpit dash is a little overwhelming to the driver. Now you know how a pilot feels.


Think Summer at the lake.

Today’s ride…one that got away.


My old 3 window that I owned for years. Boyd talked me out of the car and it went to Georgia and now is in NY. The car was black when I owned it.

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