Wednesday’s Cars

Still not in good shape, but thanks to some viewers here are some pictures. Several of my friends are at Hershey so I should have some nice pictures next week. The Hot Rod Reunion is also this weekend along with the Throttlers show.

Great Weekend ahead.

Get out in the garage and make something happen.

Stay Tooned!



Walt’s very nice 57 Buick Wagon. These are really nice looking done as a late model classic.


Here is the latest picture of Walt’s 47 Woody. He just had it updated and now drives it to the Woody shows. Needs white wall tires to add some contrast.


Beautiful engine compartment with the black powder coating against the maroon firewall. SBC with a 350 and nine inch. Sweet.


Here is a local 40 pickup that is a stocker but really quite nice. Washington blue with red interior and white wall tires.


Rear view showing dual exhausts and vintage 40 plates.


Local car, Dearborn Deuce with QC, SBC, outstanding black paint and a very unusual exhaust that run through the hood.
The car has 18 rear bias ply Firestones with black wheels. They really look good.


Here is a rare car that Ed would have liked. Ivan’s super cool 40 Chevrolet convertible with SBC, Camel interior and woodgrained
dash. Very nice.


A hi-tech plastic car but done very nice. The car looked fresh and was very well built with some classic touches.



I like the looks of this 46 Woody dash with paint, rather than woodgrain and contrasting moldings. The car also has a F100 automatic steering column which I like.

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