Wednesday’s Cars

I missed yesterday’s post so here we go today. I worked on the roadster for the last two days fitting the hood, taking some small dents out of the top panels and finally removing all the front end sheet metal. The problem when you disassemble a car is you have all those precious pieces to store so they don’t get damaged.The hood, radiator and grille are large pieces that must be put away correctly. I put them in the spare bedroom on blankets. The wife really likes that as they usually stay there until company comes. Now with a clear shot at the engine bay I can use my cherry picker and slide motor and transmission right in. I am getting closer to having it running by Christmas.

Today I will show you some more cars from the picnic.

Stay Tooned!


“Outriders Picnic”


This fellow shows up every year. Real deal phaeton with hammered top.


Rear view shows extent of chop. I like chopped Phaetons but not this much.


I believe this is Bob Oney’s old tub from the 80’s. Top is just right. Bob was out for the Wavecrest Show this year with his 47 Woody. Prolific builder for many years.


Very nice Krylon 40 coupe. Chris had this for sale at the Roadster show and someone purchased it. Flathead car with the right touch.


Rear view showing stance and wheel tire fitment. You can’t beat a 40 coupe for the look.


Eddie Martinez interior looked perfect to me. I don’t know if he is still doing interiors. He is quite old.


Sid’s Bop Top on a 34 roadster Duvall windshield. That is my wife checking out the interior. She helped me build my top.


Rear view showing lines of top. Looks good from a distance.


Jerry’s real deal, reliability run participants Deuce. Very nice car that he put together like they used to.



Franks newest Deuce. He has a different car every couple of months. Having fun in retirement is O.K. by me. Car has the look with White Walls and Mercury hubcaps. Real deep maroon paint.

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