Wednesday’s “Camel Humps”

I have had a 327/350 hp sitting on an engine stand for about 4 years and decided I needed to put it together. I will install it in the 33 chassis I am building as I like 327’s.. These old motors are archaic but I still like them and they are still plentiful. The cost of an overhaul is more than a new SBC crate motor but that’s O.K. by me. If you like traditional Hot Rods as I do, then you know an LS series motor is not right for the build. I am old enough that I enjoy seeing camel hump heads on a small block when I look under the hood. Some people even disguise their motor by glueing on Camel humps on the heads. They even sell them. Tradition still lives with me and while I appreciate progress and technology, I will continue with the “Old School” builds I have always enjoyed over the last sixty years.

This engine was gift to me from my college fraternity brother Chip, who had the engine in his 62 Corvette. It was a clean block with a .30 over bore. I had it gone through by R&D Machine and it is ready to go in the roadster. Ron can put these together blindfolded. He has done so many of them for our group. He is located in Chatsworth, CA.

September is a busy month for car activities so…

Stay Tooned!


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I turn the engine over and keep it oiled but it is time to put it together and push some Hot Rod down the road.


The heads are fresh 461’s and will do the job like they used to.


The double hump “Camel Head” is easy to identify. Chevrolet used different humps on different years.


I will be adding new rockers and springs for the Comp cam.


I love the 327 OEM look in this roadster. Nothing fancy but very traditional. How about the Sun tach sending unit!


Master detailer Dave’s creation for George is my favorite. Mine won’t be that detailed.


The look is popular with many traditional builders who grew up with this engine.

jorge 3w 035

Some people simply add the valve covers to obtain the look. These are after market covers.


The raised water pump is also popular on Deuces. Note motor mounts.


Craig captured some great photos at the Ventura Nationals this past weekend. One of the best 40 pickups in our area was on display.


Dave had his well accessorized Deuce truck on display also.


Dave has his Boyd sedan back on the road. Originally built for Don Smith and featured a kicked up front frame.


I made a deal with Boyd on Nick’s beauty but Walt owned it and I didn’t know it.


Nice looking stock height Deuce 3-window.


The chassis is being worked on again and I am able to finish the welding. Praying the back holds out. The jig really helps as it rotates for ease of welding top, sides and bottom.

Still dreaming of this one!


Thom always created my style of roadster with his designs.

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