Wednesday’s Back Road Boys Wonderings

We had a nice trip with the “Back Road Boys” today. We started off in a different location this time and headed to Malibu via the back roads. This is not a long trip but very scenic and full of winding roads that lead to the Pacific. A total of 10 cars made the trip, 5 roadsters and 5 others. We all can’t seem to have roadsters at the same time so I now call our group the “Back Road Boys” until we all have roadsters. We had a poor ground on one of the coupes but with all the knowledge in our group the problem was soon fixed and we were on our way.

Driving through the Santa Monica Mountains is a beautiful drive and with hardly any traffic made it very relaxing. We drove past the agriculture areas and the 30 miles of sandy beaches at a moderate pace enjoying the serenity that driving at hot rod provides. The weather was cool early in morning but soon warmed up by the time we arrived at our destination in Malibu. Jane had found some private parking spots where we could all line up for a nice photo.  Our cars were sort of staged and were very safe in the environment. We took several photos and then walked to the Malibu Market for a nice lunch on outside picnic tables. You have your choice for lunch with several walk-up windows and the prices are reasonable considering you are in Malibu where money grows on trees. Gelato following lunch for some of us and we walked around the Market looking at beautiful cars and people. Since we all live in different directions, we each head home on our windy road. It was a spectacular day doing what we love — driving our hot rods.

I am headed to Santa Barbara on Saturday with the Woody Boys for another great day near the Beach. Jane loves the venue and they allow me to drive Pepe up on the grass but away from the Woodies. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming about how much enjoyment an old hot rod can bring you.

On a sad note, the passing of Jack “Deuce” Stewart, who was a legend on the West Coast as well as all over the world is truly a loss of one of the supporters of keeping the flame burning. His contributions over the years as member of the LA Roadsters were priceless and he kept going clear up to the end. He will be missed.

Enjoy the day, call an old friend and keep the flame burning.

Stay Tooned!



When a malfunction occurs you need a lot of advice and these three were hard at making the electric fan operable. The culprit was a bad ground. The women were talking about the shopping at the Malibu Market.

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The back roads are very winding and steep grades so your brakes get hot.


We had a great parking spot in a very secure location that my wife located. We soon had lots of people taking photos and asking questions about the strange looking cars in Malibu.


A sedan delivery, a convertible and a Deuce 3 window made up some of the closed cars. I am the only one who doesn’t own a roadster any more.


After ordering our food we enjoyed a picnic in the very clean outdoor eating area. This is a happy group of folks.


Today’s thirst for something different on the front brakes of an open wheel car has started the creative juices flowing in the minds of several shops. This beauty from Pinkee’s is the latest on the market and is offered for the front and rear of your car. The prices start at $400 for each backing plate and they can supply the complete set up including Lincoln drums if you so desire. Eric is always on top of perfecting his craft with something a little bit different from the norm. Give him a call and tell him what you need.


They look correct installed on early style solid axle cars. Note the builder is using deep drop bolt on steering arms. Check with Eric to see if stock spindles will clear the backing plates.


The Lincoln drums also add the look to an early build style hot rod. These are brand new and cheaper than Buicks. You will need hubs for the drums so don’t throw yours away.


Here is a glimpse of the Pinkee’s brakes on this nice 29 roadster. I like the look and it is different.


The Lincoln with the water ring is the one I prefer. Wilson Welding ones are plain but M/T Products offers the water rings which you can spot weld on. The 41 Lincoln or any rear early Lincoln offers the shallow indent for the spindles. The deep offset requires  special spacers which are available. Also, I believe the 46-48 square spindles do not require grinding down the top of the spindle for clearance.


The early Lincoln (39/40) had a water ring attached and note the deep offset. They can be used with the early spindles as shown above.


Hollywood Cover Ups are available for you to convert your stock Ford backing plates to the finned look.


I have been using Buick drums and backing plates on the rear of my cars for many years. They are easy to convert to the 9″ big bearing axle ends by welding up some holes and drilling some new ones. Nice pit free backing plates from the 60’s are hard to locate.


Here is the standard of the Industry for mounting the Buick drums to the 46-48 Ford front hubs. These look like WW hubs with multiple bolt patterns. You can re-drill the Ford ones also.


The stock 40 Ford backing plate with the Buick drums always in a nice traditional touch but you have limited brakes for freeway driving. They look right and work O.K under normal driving conditions which we don’t have in LA.


Here is another option using the Bendix style backing plate (12″) and the Buick drum. I use the F-250 front plates and make them fit.


Some builders go all out on making the backing plates look cool and functional.


If you have some big bucks then the pricey Kinmonts may be in your build plan. JHRS and FF both offer a nice looking reproduction unit that is around $2500 or less. I have seen real ones sell for $10K + over the years. You really got want them to pay that much.


If you don’t like the heavy Buick look then just install the SO-CAL cover over your disc brakes.


Brad built this stunning example using the SO-CAl basic starter kit. I really liked this car. There are many more options for front brakes on your open wheeled roadster but the above should start your motor running.


Not for everyone but this modern day phaeton hiboy has a really different look that could be attractive for some. I wonder what kind of top you could add to this to make it look like a speedster. I bet Thom could pen a nice version – Add some steel wheels, skinny radials, slick top and you would have a whole new look. The grandkids would love it.

RIP Mr. Jack “Deuce” Stewart!


Jack and his Deuce will be remembered by all of us who knew him and his passion for the Deuce.

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