Wednesday’s “Back Road Boys” Trip

Summer is here and the “Back Road Boys” enjoyed a stress free trip to Santa Barbara. We had 12 cars today and a visiter in his Red Deuce hiboy roadster. The trip went smoothly winding through the scenic agriculture areas and dry mountain ranges. The significance of the drought can be seen in the very brown country side. Miles of orange groves starving for water were evident along the way. The heavy rains in the Midwest would be a welcome event in our area. Our leader lead us along the Pacific for some stunning sights of July vacationers enjoying their stay on the water. No fear of the great white shark in these waters. Surfers were out in large numbers hanging ten and doing their best to impress us old car guys. Nothing is quite as exciting for Jane and I as driving along the coast in our Hot Rod. The smell of the salt in the air and the sights of seeing people relaxing and having fun — really sets the tone for a good day. We arrived in Summerland and were immediately seated in our own private area overlooking our Hot Rods at the Beach Cafe.

Tuesday is the Beach Cafe’s hamburger special day and we have a standard joke — we spend $100 on gas to get a deal on a $5 hamburger. California has some of the highest gas prices in the country so we must save on food. Makes sense to me. The consensus after lunch was to once again head to the famous Santa Barbara Pier for some ice cream rather than Foster Freeze for a chocolate malt. Our group likes their deserts. The Pier was very crowded as we are in the height of tourism in this beautiful city. Our Hot Rods wowed the crowds and smart phones were taking pictures as we made our way out to the end to our favorite ice cream parlor. Parking on the pier can be a problem but today we all found spots near the end. The delicious Rocky Road disappeared fast as my wife didn’t want any and ended up eating most of mine. Sound Familiar!

The group spent some time in the various shops and just looking at the picturesque hill sides in the East. Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this for our group. We discussed our next month’s trip to the Danish town of Solvang for a meeting with the Central Coast Roadsters at the Alisail Resort. I have  to come up with our route incorporating some new roads — As Chevrolet states — “Find New Roads”. The trip home was easy with light traffic which made for a perfect ending to another perfect day “Living the Dream” in Southern California.

Stay Tooned!



We always start with a driver’s meeting so everyone is one the same page. Bob planned a new route and with 12 cars someone is bound to get lost or caught in traffic and miss the turn off.


The dry countryside is evident as we wind our way through the mountains headed for Santa Barbara.


Dave was hiding in his colorful Deuce roadster. He is headed to Louisville with Frantic in a couple of weeks.


Click on the following image for a video of this amazing little Deuce with lots of history. Jane did a great job.



Chopped tops make pictures difficult but you can see the extremely dry countryside on our journey today. Nice photo Dave!


We always have a reserved spot for our cars where we can watch them as they receive a lot of attention.


Our own private courtyard at the Beach Cafe makes the trip worth while and provides lots of time for conversation and laughter. The food and service are excellent. Thanks Bob and Debbie.


We love our ice cream and the ladies offered us with what they didn’t want. Walt is offering Jane $$$ for her Rocky Road!


Several motor homes take up all the available spaces along the beach. Can you  spell — Party?


Pepe looked right at home on the SB Pier. Speed bumps play havoc with the low chin.


Dick, a fellow GM employee, built his Deuce in the 80’s and still drives the car every chance he has. This car exemplifies the toughness of the Wescott body and DF chassis. The fun is in the journey not what constitutes the body material.


Dave and Frank lucked out with front row seats for their Hot Rods. Frank just had Terry install A/C after his experience at the very hot LARS this year.


A little cloudy today but still magnificent scenery for our group to enjoy. Santa Barbara will make you feel young again — Try it!!!

Today’s Photo


I missed the Moon Eyes show but Craig captured Lucy parked in front of the famous logo. Thanks Craig. He has the artist eye for photography.


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