Wednesday’s “Back Road Boys” Adventure

The morning air was brisk as we headed out for our Malibu “Back Road Boys” adventure. The meeting place was about 20 miles from our house using the back roads via Box Canyon. We were the first to arrive and soon we were about 15 strong so we started the adventure on the winding Mulholland drive to Malibu. Jane and I had made a dry run so were familiar with the road, planned stops and Malibu Lake tour. The weatherman cooperated with our group and provided an absolute amazing day with crystal clear skies, perfect weather temperature wise and a sparkling smooth Pacific ocean. The views from the overlooks were very picturesque and provided some fabulous photo opportunities. The journey took about 2 1/2 hours and ended at the Malibu Market Place where we enjoyed a nice lunch and some camaraderie with our friends. The final touch was some very expensive Gelato (Italian Ice Cream) which satisfied our taste buds. We have enjoyed  the Back Road Boys trips this year and look forward to our next one which will be a Back Roads journey to Ojai, CA to the quaint Deer Lodge with a side trip for some cider and doughnuts. When Jane and I lived in Michigan, right out of college, we would visit the Franklin Cider Mills and enjoy fresh hot cider and special cinnamon donuts. We don’t have the fall weather to enjoy the same feeling but we do have some great places to visit and enjoy a day similar to Franklin. Someday, I hope to visit that area again in the fall.

I know the weather has been very unusual in many parts of the country so drive those Hot Rods all you can prior to the snow and cold weather making it impossible. I will continue to bring you our warm weather adventures to keep you motivated.

Stay Tooned!



Early arrivals gathered around Nigel’s Deuce with the blue primer and dark blue Bop Top!


Our first stop was the scenic overlook at Malibu Lake. The views were breathtaking and the Santa Monica Mountains, while brown this time of year, were still magnificent. Pepe was the leader with Dick’s red Deuce keeping the roadster guys happy.

Malibu October

We had an opportunity to capture our happy group while stopping for some very scenic views and to stretch our legs.


The Pacific was as smooth as I have ever seen it. The water was sparkling due to the bright sunshine today. Temperatures were in the 80’s.


We had some visitors during our stop and they fell in love with our old Fords and the views from the outlook. All three of these Fords are California cars with Dave and Dave owing them for over 40 years. I know the history of Pepe for 40 years but I have only been its caretaker for 3 years.


Nigel, Eric Clapton’s Road Manager, joined us in his Brizio built hiboy which is one of our favorite roadsters and keeps Dick company.


Jane is the official tour planner, does all the leg work and maps so we don’t get lost on the Back Roads.


Frank drove his fine 40 standard coupe with the perfect stance and Corvette engine. The ladies were enjoying the views.


The drive down to the coast highway (PCH) from the mountains was nice with no traffic.


Once down, PCH always provides a soothing view as we cruise along the sparkling water with waves beating against the sandy beaches. The distance from our egress was about 25 miles.

Wednesday’s Photo


As we headed home, we enjoyed the beautiful Pacific and the memorable day we had just experienced. Jane and I continue to live life to the fullest — while we still can. After 50 years, she still rides by my side and keeps me pointed in the right direction. Thank you Jane!


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