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The discussion today at the”Office” was installing the beautiful Auburn dash board in your hot rod. Dave has a 34 tub with the complete dash and gauge panel installed and it fit like a glove. His was installed in 60’s and still looks good today. SW gauges fill the holes in place of the expensive real ones, but that’s what hot rodder’s do. He was lucky to find another one last year at the LARS and will be installing it in his new Deuce sedan project. (Yes, he is still collecting parts for the build.) The 34 phaeton requires only removing the upper lip to install but the Deuce will require more surgery. I have always been a fan of the expensive dash since I first saw one in a 3 window on the East coast in the 70’s. I have come close to buying one, but the price always scared me away. Bob-O was able to pick up a complete assembly for $700 with gauges a couple of years ago at the LARS. Maybe my turn will come soon.

Several aftermarket units are available and look nice but you can tell in a glance, they are not the good ones..(you know what I mean!) The Knecht unit is about the right size for a Deuce dash board and I see them often in Roy’s builds. The SO-CAL unit is a copy of the original but a stock Deuce dash needs heavily modified to look good. Gauges are also available both reconditioned and reproduction so all you need is the Auburn dash and panel. You can also purchase a reproduction dash from a source in LA. Keep looking they are out there.

The weekend offers the Big Three Swap Meet in San Diego and the Early Time Mid-Winter Rod Run which leaves Richard’s place at 8:00 am sharp and makes a few stops at some neat places and ends up at a Casino. Should be lots of fun and Jane and I are planning on attending even though it is a long way from our house. I will be checking Pepe over to make sure he is ready for the trip. If you are going to the Big Three then keep your eye open for the elusive Auburn Dash and Panel.

Have a great day and drive your hot rod if you can.

Stay Tooned!



Gary from Cornhuskers also loves the Auburn dash and has one in his 3 window. Note the extra interior space with this dash.

He also installed the same unit in his new Henry roadster. You knees won’t hit the dash in this one.

The also look good in a channelled Deuce like Jimmy’s shown above. I think my knees would be above the cowl in this one.

Here is the Knecht unit being installed in a closed car Deuce dash. The panel fits like it should without major surgery to the lower lip.

A Model-A also adapts to the Auburn dash with a little trimming. A very popular look in the early days of hot rodding.


This close up photo shows the gauges and knobs on the Auburn car dash. The dual gauge on the right is a hard one to locate.

Mark has my favorite dash in his roadster and combined with the LZ wheel and column drop makes me drool when I see this car. One of the best IMHO.

The Knecht panel is shown above with the “Poor Boy” SW Wings gauges. I like the look and the price…well maybe not the price.

Dave purchased his 34 tub with the dash installed in 1963. They look good in any year but the Deuce and 33/4 look the best to me.

I know you are tired of looking at dashboards so here is a beautiful Hot Tub for you guys back east in the snow. This is the best garage a Deuce could ever hope for.

Don wanted me to see how his “Baby” looked when he sold it. The 5 spokes work for me Don. You will miss this one.

I still love the deliveries and this 34’s interior was very well designed and unique. Looks a mile deep doesn’t it?

I thought this hiboy model 40 looked about as good as I have seen. Normally, I like hiboy Deuces and fenders on model 40’s but maybe it is the nice photo or just plain good looking.

Today’s Treasures! (GOLD)

Here is what your are looking for. Big Three this weekend will have one for you.

Yes, they show up at the LARS every year and each year they are more $$$$. The dash’s are hard to come by but the panels seem to be plentiful.

A primo one like this could set you back $2500 – 3500 depending on condition. I have seen them for $5000 also but they took them home on Sunday.

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