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I am a day late with my blog but I have been real busy traveling these past few days. We drove down to Laguna Beach to see the Pageant of the Masters which is a fantastic art show — using real people in noted paintings from the past. Sounds odd, but is world famous and well worth attending. Jane and I always enjoy the 2 hour show as well as a delicious dinner at Tivo’s. In addition to the show, several artists have their displays available for viewing and many include paintings and photos of my favorite subject — old cars. One particular gallery featured paintings of Woodies along the beautiful Laguna Beach landscape. I had a strong desire to purchase on particular painting but it was very pricey and you don’t bargain with artists. I guess is it something like trying to buy a well done Hot Rod for a bargain price — LOL. Hot Rod Art has been a passion of mine for a long time and some real well known automotive artist have contributed some wonderful collectable art to the Art World. A few years ago, the SEMA show started featuring automotive art and related books on art. Bob Larivee, was responsible for the welcomed addition to the SEMA show floor. Tom Fritz is probably my favorite of the true Automotive artist. He is a local resident, who lives near me, and has some very nice numbered prints of his work. He can also be commissioned to create a one-off of your dream Hot Rod. His photos of the Iconic Deuce are world famous and very collectable.

There are lots of talented automotive artists and photographers working in the field today. Chip Foose is probably the most famous due to his TV show “Overhauling” but several others are also well known like: Eric Brockmeyer, Steve Sanford, Thom Taylor, Jimmy Smith and Chris Ito to name a few. You will see most of these names listed along with some famous cars from the past and present. Top builders enlist the services of these talented artists to create the masterpieces we see at the big shows and in the pages of our industries’ publications. Photographers specializing in automotive photos are also popular for publications like “Art of the Hot Rod” with photography by Peter Harholdt, are also catering to our hobby. Peter Vincent is another well-known photographer that has published some fantastic books entitled “Hot Rod”. Steve Coonan, publisher of “The Rodder’s Journal,” has gamed fame as one of the best automotive photographers in the business. His publication is of table top quality with photos to match.

In conclusion, our hobby has some real talented people who create collectables for those of us who have the passion to have a library filled with their work. If the flame still burns, then you should have a special spot for your favorite artist and photographer works.

Take some photos and send them to me.

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Tom Fritz captures life scenes in his art work and always dictate a specific event in the life of a Hot Rodder.



Jimmy Smith likes the Hot Rod look in his designs. Pinkees dad’s coupe and Fred Warren’s hand built 3 window incorporate some of his designs.


He also likes Deuce sedans like this one for the Hot Rod Garage in OK.



Steve has created some great design ideas for the Iconic Deuce. This four-door would be killer if someone would build it. Sort of like Mumford’s 33 Vicky four-door.



One-off phantom woodies have become popular and Brent’s rendition looks like a winner. Walt could convert his one-off 37 or build another one.


Thom worked with Dan Webb on his recreation of this famous racer built by Barney Oldfield in the 1920’s. The racer was called the Golden Submarine for it’s unique design.


I still have this Thom designed of the 34 roadster I want to build. He has a great feel for the traditional look.


Hot Rod Publications


Here are a few of the publications I have in my collection. These are available through Amazon or your local quality bookstore. They all feature lots of photos and text concerning our hobby and passion for old cars. Top left, Ken Gross, top right Thom Taylor, bottom left, Peter Vincent, bottom right, Thom Taylor. We need to support our supporters and “Keep the Flame Burning”!

Today’s Reader’s Photos


Cory has a choice when going out for a drive. He has added fenders on the coupe to please fender fans. Tough Choice Cory!


I took several photos of this one as it has the look of the old R&C photo from years ago. Basic Black is hard to beat.


Rodger has one of my favorite 33 roadsters and is headed out to breakfast on this early morning setting in St. Louis.

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