Wednesday’s Afternoon Edition

I just returned from the Bay area and have time to do today’s blog. Sometimes my adventures take me to new places and this trip was one of them. Brizio’s was spectacular and I left dreaming of owning another roadster. If you follow this silly blog, you know that I have started on a chassis and have complete confidence that I will finish it. Seeing all those Deuce’s at Roy’s convinced me that I am on the right track with my selection of bodies for a hiboy roadster. The problem is finding a metal body but I love challenges and will locate one sooner or later — O.K., I am getting to the story. My son lives in the Oakland Hills and I walk every morning no matter where I am, so I took off to explore some of the area. I was walking in this real nice area with large homes and garages when I spotted something unusual about the garage on the hill. I always keep me eyes peeled for an open garage — just in case something should be stored away for safe keeping or “I am going to get to it someday” acknowledgment. I stopped and watched as the owner of this beautiful home, with several high end cars in the driveway, opened up the garage door, pushed a button and soon a new Tesla was coming down on a lift from the second story garage. Now this impressed me, and being a born salesman, I approached him and ask him a few questions about the garage, turntable and lift. He was more than happy to tell me about how he built the garage due to the limited space in the hills. You can only go up as the rock is very difficult to remove for underground storage. While I had his attention, I asked if he knew of any old cars in the area and surprising he did. He mentioned that his partner had a roadster for sale but did not know the year. We continued to talk and as I listened to the story, it sure sounded like a model 40 roadster. In conclusion, I have located a real roadster but have not seen it or obtained a price. As the story goes, they are still out there.

Making the journey home from San Francisco I had lots of time to dream (which I do most of the time) about finding a roadster. The trip went by fast and soon we were pulling into our driveway without the lift, turntable or new Tesla but with something even better — a steel roadster find. My journey was successful, the wife was happy as were the children and I was smiling all the way home. I am a happy man these days.

See you at the LARS on Father’s Day!

Stay Tooned!



Sometimes a perfect stance, like on this 5-window, can really make my adrenaline run high.


Yellow always stands out on a hiboy roadster like this nice 34 from down under.


If you don’t run the gas tank, the QC really stands out, but I prefer the rear gas tank and more trunk space.


A rare stake bed and nose down coupe face off for a photo shoot.

From the Garage


If I keep the garage doors closed, the HOA leaves me alone. I have a rear door out the back and can push the car outside to work on it. I now need the lift and turntable installed. (lol)


The P&J front crossmember requires some notching to use in and unboxed frame. I plan to extend the unit into the chassis as I feel more comfortable with more than the weld holding the front end together.


I cut small notches in the front and rear so the unit slides inside the frame rails. I will add extensions from 3/16 plate tomorrow.


I remember a little 3-window like this one in MN back in the 80’s.

Troy shop 037

I have warm spot for a 40 rag that is stock looking and super straight body panels.


You seldom see 1939 Ford sedan deliveries but they do exist. Note rear bumper.


Work in progress hot rods always attract my attention as most of mine end at this stage. Another 4-door!

Woodies on the Warf 2010 079

Ray Brown’s clean 40 pickup which sold for some big dollars a few years ago is one of my favorites.

Wednesday’s Photo


I have had this happen and the result was expensive as the block cracked where the bolts were attached. Use only a quality engine stand when working on the engine.


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