Wednesday’s Adventure to Ojai

Our Back Road Boys venture to Ojai, CA was a real success with 14 cars and 21 people enjoying life driving their Hot Rods on the Back Roads. The day started at our normal spot, but by coincidence, Shell was shooting a Valentine’s Day commercial and asked if we would agree to be in the commercial. Being somewhat of a show group, we all agreed and were soon lined up in front of the pumps for a photo shoot. We all received a free Shell rewards card for our participation and we left for our destination. The excitement continued as we drove the curvy roads with scenic green hills, plump orange groves and multiple fields of various crops this area is noted for. We stopped at our normal park just outside Ojai for a brief visit to restrooms and some photo taking.

Once back on the road, we were a short distance from our designated lunch spot, the beautiful Ojai Cafe Emporium. They had the outdoor patio set up for us and quickly added some more tables as we exceeded my 15 guest reservations. The service was great as was the food and outdoor patio. I highly recommend this place for a causal lunch or breakfast. They also have a wonderful bakery in the front where I purchased some true English scones which I really love. After some good conversation with each other, we headed for the Ojai Ice Cream store which is another well known stop for some delicious dessert. Downtown Ojai is full of really nice shops for the ladies to visit and keep the economy going in this ritzy little community tucked away in the mountains. Charm, and beauty will make you want to visit more than once. We all walked back to the restaurant, where they let us keep our cars parked, and headed back home. Dave, John and I chose to drive back along the beautiful Pacific Ocean and view the simmering sunshine skimming across the water as we drove by the ocean front.

A wonderful day was had by all who attended and I am looking forward to our next trip driving the “Back Roads,” enjoying life in our Hot Rods.

Have a wonderful week!

Stay Tooned!


The Shell team handed out Reward cards to all who participated.


We had about 10 cars in our Valentine’s Day commercial.


The large TV camera captured the group and utilized Cupid to fill our tanks.

Ojai cruise 2 - 9- 2016 006

The mountains are green this time of the year and the scenery was breathtaking.


The large ranches approaching Ojai were luscious with acres of green rye grass.


Gong down the mountain we had one way traffic which allowed us all to catch up.


We stopped in the park for a senior moment and stretching. Nice scenic park.


The outside patio offered our large group a perfect place for lunch and great conversation.


Walt was enjoying his Ice Cream out the shop which is famous for home made Ice Cream.


I was able to corral all of the them together for a photo. We are an ambitious group who enjoy driving the “Back Roads” in our Hot Rods.

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