Wednesday’s 1936 Ford Roadsters

Since our weather has been outstanding for driving open cars, I thought I would show you some Fords other than Deuces today. My friend Dave sent me some photos of a famous 36 Phaeton that has been in LA since new and is one of three owned by a CBS reporter. It seems the new owner purchased it and had the interior redone in the original style. The original upholstery was done by the late Tony Nancy. The Phaeton is different from the convertible sedan in that they don’t have windows. In my old age, I am happier with the windows for those long cruises up the coast, but Phaetons really our a true open car.

The 36 Roadster is also a nice ride for those who like a little later model roadster. Lately, several have been showing up at the shows and while most are black — they look good in Washington Blue also or my favorite — Maroon. Some say this was the last year for Ford’s roadster but a 1937 was actually the last year for no windows. Finding a 36 roadster is not hard but they tend to be pricey and a little short in the cockpit. Moving the seat back is a standard for most drivers. Maybe sometime soon I will do a Post on the 1939 Ford Cabriolets and Convertible sedans which are beautiful top down Hot Rods!

Don’t forget your Mother (wife) this Sunday as you are one of “Lives’ Precious Gifts” — thanks to her.


Stay Tooned!


36 Phaeton 003

The lines of the 36 has always been popular with Phaeton lovers. The tonneau over the rear seat is a nice early touch.

36 Phaeton 001

Sitting on a slight rake with the steel wheels really makes the car. Note the snaps on the doors.

36 Phaeton 002

The interior is period perfect and was originally done by master pleater Tony Nancy.


Here is the original upholstery.


They look different with the top down.


Note the wheel change on the current version and the stock front end.


   Bob has his 36 finished and on the road. Love that Maroon on these super                   rides.


The hammered top really adds to the Hot Rod look I love.


Note the stance is almost a taildragger look on this beauty.


Washington Blue is always a winner on a 36 roadster.


John will love this one with the side curtains and skirts. A high school ride for some of the West Side boys in Decatur.


Stock height also looks good with spotlights and red wheels.

1936 Ford Roadster-Goodguys 013 copy

Another popular color for a 36 was the Cordoba Tan. Mild Hot Rod!

0810rc_01_z 1936_ford_roadster front_passenger_view

A later version of the early style will get your roadster blood flowing.


Another Washington Blue beauty done in the Resto-Rod style.


Jim built an outstanding 36 using a Duvall windshield and perfect sheet metal.


HHR had a beauty in this year’s GNRS. Love the color, stance and detail from this noted builder.


A true custom look in this year’s GNRS show also was top notch build.


Hard to find a more outstanding built 36 roadster than this creation.


Last years 36 was a favorite to win but lost to a 33 roadster which I agreed with. I’m a little bias you know.


The latest 36 from the HRG Maryland is Jon’s Black Beauty. Note full trunk on this one.


Flowing lines of the roadster with a chop is perfect for a Hot Rod.

36 ford 1

Val approved of this ride with a little more room than her husbands Deuce.

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