Wednesday’s Heat

We are having our hot summer nights in the LA area and I am having trouble dealing with the heat. I normally can work in the garage when it is hot but with the high humidity I don’t last very long. We are also having earthquakes that makes it very interesting during the heat wave. Southern California has lots of unique features to live with which I have done for over 30 years but I never lost my midwestern mentality. Where is the rain?

I have some more photos from GG’s and will share them with you today. September brings a whole new set of hot rod shows that are a must attend. The Outriders Picnic and Wavecrest are two events you don’t want to miss if you like cool cars and woodies. The wife and I make it a weekend for the two shows and stay somewhere near the beaches in Laguna. There is something about the sand, water and a woody that makes us feel young again.

I have not touched Andre for a couple of weeks due to the hot weather and travel but I hope to return to the project soon.

Stay Tooned!


Moal’s booth always has some very nice cars on display. The 36 was one of my favorite this year. He is one of the best builders in my mind.

He has a different approach to building a Deuce roadster than most. This track nose beauty was full of tricks that only Moal can perform.

Dennis had his AMBR contender on display and I spent some time looking over the details that Steve incorporated in the build.

Roy had just completed this Vicky and Steve had it in his booth. Is it me, or are these cars coming out of the woodwork lately? The interior was done by Sid and looked terrific.

TCI had their new IFS system on display. The troublesome MII mounting slots that could move have been eliminated and the new design incorporates a vertical shim system.

If you like show cars, this 40 sedan had all the tricks you could imagine. I still don’t understand the pavement dragging running boards. Perhaps it helps draw attention to an already beautiful sedan.???

Lots of customs showed up at the show. I liked this stock height Mercury convertible with flawless paint work.

The color on this sedan is Gull gray and I really liked the color and the 38 sedan. Gary installed the IFS under the flathead powered cutie.

This 39 Deluxe coupe is one nice ride. I prefer the 40 due to the w/s and wipers. The CMG color was everywhere and on lots of non-forty cars and that is O.K. by me.

Today’s Favorite!


I stumbled across this coupe while trying to find some shade in the parking lot. I don’t know who the owner is but the car was very nice with lots of subtle tricks and excellent fit and finish. I am a fan of the maroon and black wheel combo.

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