Wednesday Words

I am running around getting all of my health statistics checked prior to having my knee surgery. I sort of relate the procedure to having good tires on your Hot Rod. One can’t function properly without good knees and Hot Rods can’t function properly without a good set of balanced and aligned tires. I have never had a knee problem but some how I have a torn meniscus that needs repaired along with Mr. Arthritis hiding behind my knee cap. I am told it is a simple procedure much like buying new tires. I hope that it is that easy. My planned trip to the TROG will not take place due to this procedure. I will have some photos from my friend Dave who is going for the day.

Work on the engine will continue with Donnie finishing the removal and replacement of the head gasket. I will be watching from my easy chair with my leg propped up high. Hopefully, the rest of the engine was unharmed and will not have to be rebuilt. The engine only has  20,000 miles and looks to be real clean inside. With any luck I should be back on the sheet with Pepe and my repaired knee by Thanksgiving. Being mobile personally and having a running Hot Rod are two very important aspects of my life. Both take patience and some repair to keep in running condition.

I may be out of commission for a few days but I will be back as soon as I am able to sit at the keyboard.

Stay Tooned!


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Fat Jack’s Fat Boy really could haul down the 1/4 mile.


I love the Speed 33’s and the hiboy version is my favorite.


Some famous people from the 80’s who had a hand in building Nick’s three window. Boyd let me have this for a few weeks and  I really liked what these gentlemen did to the car.


I have a soft spot for Nomads especially the 55’s. This one was a beauty.


A clean engine compartment always is a sign of a great build.


This old timer had everyone looking at his engine.


He may be at the TROG this weekend.


My friend Gary in MN has a winner in his 40 coupe. He is also a Model 40 fan like me so he is a 40 — 40 fan rather than a Deuce and Forty fan.


I do have a love of the Fat Girls like this 47 red one. I may have room for one more in the garage.


A panel delivery is a rare sight but very good for a commercial business.


My first choice for a model 40 is the real deal roadster like this one.


I have never tried this conversion but it doesn’t look too hard.


One of the nicest 40 standards in our area shows up once in a while at shows.


Art Chrisman built flat motor with blower looks good in the sedan.


Fat Jack also builds some killer 39 convertible sedans.


Julian has all the right cars in his fleet — like this B-400 beauty.


Bob’s Offy powered 29 is a great sounding roadster.

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