Wayback Wednesday.

I have a vast library of photos that I can choose from for my blog. I normally have a subject to discuss but if I don’t, I go back and look at the photos which inspires me to write. This was the case for today. I was looking way back at my early years of building cars and ran across my first Deuce, which was 5-window coupe. The coupe was a dream race car I had wanted to build modeling it after Harry Luzader’s famous coupe and NHRA record holder. I was fresh out of college and married only a few months when the coupe became mine. We lived in a rented house that had a single car garage where I worked on the car for a few months until I was drafted into the Army. I towed the coupe to my grandma’s farm and stored it there for two years while in the Army. I brought it back home when discharged and started to work on the chassis still thinking drag car not street car. I had acquired a 34 sedan delivery while in the Army so I had two cars to keep going. My career, family and moving often keep the project stalled to the point I sold it and purchased a 3 window that was done. I never forgot that Deuce as it really was part of our family for several years prior to having children.

A boy and his first car always brings out great conversation, but a man and his first real Deuce makes the conversation real interesting among Deuce lovers. I’m now 76 and have owned 30 Deuces in my lifetime and each one has its own story. This is one of them.

Stay Tooned!


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In my early days I loved drag racing and thought Harry’s 5-window was the best car at the strip.

I found this coupe in the Detroit News and proceeded to build my drag coupe. Logghe Chassis and straight axle with an Olds rear end. My budget and first child prevented completion of the dream.

I helped when Neil made the top for his roadster and since it was his third one in the same family, it was perfect.

Done in a Fifties style the car is like brand new.

Lately, I have been thinking about another Deuce this time a roadster. This is Bob-O’s son’s roadster which is available.

The same car in red is also available. The fifties look is present in both cars. Both cars are steel.


In contrast to the above, the current Deuce roadster rage is the laid back windshield.

Rick’s roadster is probably one of the most photographed roadsters in the past year and was featured on the cover of TRJ. Ryan knows how to make them stand out in a sea of Deuces. This is basically the same car as the blue one above but with the Reed Rides touch.

Greg had to join the Deuce boom with his nice roadster.Dick Rodwell sells these windshields and tops. They run around $5K for the complete set up.

One of the best 36 roadsters from a few years ago was Jim’s beauty with a Duvall windshield. He is a master metal man. Washington Blue is the color.

The often over looked 35 roadster makes a real nice ride and could be called a custom with the skirts and WW tires.

One of my favorite convertibles is this 39 with a great resto-rod look.

I ran across Lucy at this year’s LARS and drooled for a while. Ray did a great job with his touches to the roadster.

The three window project took 40 years to complete but turned out great.

Gary finished my old three window mentioned above into a gorgeous  Hot Rod.

My first sedan was mint chopped example of a 50’s Hot Rod.

Not the greatest photo but here is the finished product which he still owns.

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