Way-Back Wednesday

We were blessed with about ten seven year olds at Toppers Pizza today. It seems they had our Roadster Boys room reserved ahead of us. They were more than happy to share the room with us and it did bring back memories of raising our children. The boys loved our cars so I know the younger generation is O.K. and with some guidance will keep the flame burning. Watching them stabbing each other with forks, throwing pizza, crying and just having fun is truly an amazing experience for our group. In some ways, we sometimes act like this without realizing our age (Myron is one who throws food) and looking back at some of our outings we were not much different. I find myself thinking about the past more than the future as I know the outcome of my thinking. I normally recall the good times I had over the many years of being involved in car hobby but occasionally I think about some disappointments I incurred, such as bad paint jobs, botched body work and my work that didn’t turn out quite like I had it planned. I guess that is just part of life we all must endure. The boys would have none of that dismay today. They left in a wonderful spirit, the room was a mess and soon they would be taking their afternoon nap. Not much different from our group.

We rescheduled our Malibu trip to August 12 in order to accommodate more cars. From now on, we will set a date and those who can go will go and those who can’t will make it next time. Hopefully, we can continue to have one run a month on the second Tuesday of the month. Mark your calendars or as they say, “Save the Date”. If we keep the groups small (10-15) it is much easier to plan the date and the trip; restaurants, pit stops, scenic view parking and a host of other thinks we do on our trips will be simplified. Someone suggested we take a Margarita mixer and grille for a really good picnic but I not going there today. I have the roomy car so I will haul the goods for the Roadster Boys. Not much going on this month for our group and I am knee deep in Patio repairs so send me some photos of your projects.

Have a nice day.

Stay Tooned!





Dave liked this CMG 40 pickup at a recent show. I have seen the popularity grow for this model pickup from small to huge. I know of 5 being built right now. You must like cramped quarters to enjoy these beauties but I love ’em. Plain and simple is best.


Another 40 pickup with a 6″ extension in the doors to accommodate the owner. Scott’s Hot Rods built this high end 40. Perfect detail, Candy Apple paint with cinnamon interior made it a crowd favorite.


I have a thing for the “Fat Girls”. Priced a little above market but looks like a nice ride.


I loved this shot of both the roadster and coupe that Keith is working on. Did he move to TX? Does anyone have any more photos of the roadster?


The coupe has been given the treatment with a nailhead and 6 carbs. I like the spreader bar which is a modified Model-A cross shaft.


We discussed the rear pan and while it looks great we felt the hiboy looks better without the cover.


Dale shot this nice photo on his way home from Columbus. His top wanted to come down but Gorilla tape did the job.

Woody Wednesday


This is a classic photo of  a 39 Woody pulling a wooden boat. My father would have loved this one.


My father did own one like this that we pulled our wooden boat with in the 50’s.


Too Tall, Pat, had his roadster out over the weekend. I really think he built a true winner with this classic style and very traditional components. How does he fit in these tiny cars?


The sun was just going down when I took this photo. The shiny black paint looks good at sunset. Door is still not repaired but will be soon.

Bonneville Ready!



I am not sure who sent me this photo or even where is was taken but this sez’ it all to me. Looks like a CA plate.

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