Wavecrest 40th Anniversary

Jane and I worked all week to prepare Big Blue for our Jurney to the 40th anniversary of the Wavecrest Woodie show in Encinitas, CA. Our work paid off as we made the trip without any problems despite horrendous traffic coming home. The car performed flawlessly and did not overheat despite 90 + degree temperatures on the 405. A tribute to Bill Swanson’s choice of radiator and engine. Also, a special thanks go to Steve Lykken who provided the much-needed wheels and bias tires for the trip.

We were number 90 at 7:00 am and Rich saved us a spot on the upper parking lot. Once parked, Rich helped me install the rear tire cover for the new spare and the hub caps. My very arthritic hands no longer allow me that luxury. A special thanks goes to Rich for helping me with the car.

The lot was not full when we arrived but many were covered waiting for their owner’s arrival after breakfast. I”m not sure of the final count but it was down from previous years. My guess would be around 120 showed up for the event. Jane and I looked at all of them several times during the day. Some late arrivals kept us on our feet all day long.

New this year was a bandstand for the bands located in the parking lot. Several bands performed during the event and we enjoyed all of them but had a soft spot for the young performers consisting of two girls and three boys ages 12-14. We loved their innocences and talent.

After the ceremonies, we packed up, said our goodbyes and headed for home. We stopped and filled up the 17-gallon gas tank and made our way into the very heavy 405 traffic. Four hours later we arrived safe and sound but very tired due to very heavy traffic.

Jane and I are very grateful to Walt for helping us make this journey possible in a Woodie I let go some 15 years ago. And to Bill Swanson for building our dream Woodie with perfection.

Stay Tooned!


Blue was standing tall in back corner which was saved for us by Rich.
Rich was successful in helping me install the rear spare tire cover. We had to let the air out of the tire. The outer ring is not easy to twist over the tire.
This very colorful 42 was full of decals on the rear windows.

Rich and Val had their beautiful 40 woodie in the group.
We had a nice line up in our row of Woodies. The second 40 used to belong to Gray Baskersville’s brother.

My favorite Woodie was parked right next to me. Sqidd is part of our group.
A stock Woodie was available for $100K and had no takers. These were priced in this area 8 years ago.
Jane was busy unloading the wagon.
Lots of history in this old 40. Owned by Gray’s brother who built this in his shop class many years ago. This fellow helped him so he gave it too him when he not longer used the wagon.

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