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Two great events coming up for the Woody Wagons — Santa Barbara and Wavecrest. Wavecrest has the best display of woodies and has almost outgrown the venue. Always filled to capacity with cars and spectators makes it an annual outing for our group. The traffic can be horrendous on the I-5 but somehow we manage to overlook the slow drive home and just enjoy the ride. Santa Barbara is a spacious venue with lots of room to spread out on the grassy knoll of the Santa Barbara Junior College grounds. The quantity is less than Wavecrest but the quality is high and the views are spectacular. Again, the drive home is a slow one but scenic and relaxing along the coast.

While I don’t own a woody wagon, I have a great affection for the wagons and enjoy looking at them (often the same ones) at each of the events. I donate some Woody art for the silent auction and know several of the owners. As I have stated many time previously, you won’t find a friendlier and fun loving group of automotive enthusiasts than woody owners. Owning a woody once again is on my bucket list so we will see what the future brings. Building one from a survivor is cost prohibitive for me both in dollars and time. They don’t have to be perfect to enjoy driving them, but they do have to be dependable and safe. Having fun comes naturally for me whether a spectator or owner. We can drive the delivery to Santa Barbara as they allow them in the event in a special area. Pepe is proud to be associated with such classy ladies.

Ford woodies have come down in value from their peak but still command a substantial price for a nice one. New wood has skyrocketed in recent years as has lumber in general. Finding a stalled project is my best hope for the future. I do know of one that has been sitting for several years  but the answer to my inquiry is always the same — ” I am going to finish it and drive it every day!”

Could their be a wagon in your future?

Stay Tooned!


Lynn 48 woody

Here is the only woody I have ever owned. Rust free with 90% useable wood. A major back surgery prevented any progress on this one. Thanks Ted!


Walt allowed me to drive this 46 for some R&R and my daughter really enjoyed riding in the Woody! She used to go to Wavecrest when she was very young.


John has Ruby now and takes it for a spin when he is not racing his other cars at Laguna SECA!


Boyd built this one for Don Smith and I had a chance to drive it for a spell. Very confining in the front seat but was one of the best Deuce woodies at the time. Walt owned this one and Nick’s Deuce 3-window, both of which graced the cover of SRM. I drove the 3-window for a short time. The Rochester FI unit didn’t perform for me..


Gathering at Paradise Cove for the Malibu Christmas Parade is another great event.


Here is how you do a full restoration on a woody. Lowrey’s is one of the best in the business for restoration projects.


Reaching this stage of the project requires lots of time and dollars but a 1940 Ford Woody is priceless in my mind.


At the top of the scale is this example of one of the best out there. Don Bickel built this one a few years ago and set the bar real high for Woodies.


The interior is a work of art as is the whole car. Looks comfortable doesn’t it.


The late model drive train makes for trouble free cruising up and down the coast. Spud’s Garage has only top quality cars on their site.


Walt and I looked at this Phantom creation and liked it. Walt is re-doing the rear fenders and suspension. An owner built car.

1940 Ford Woody-Shell Station 003

Gerald seems to always come up with some nice cars and this 40 deluxe is one of them. How much is gas per gallon? — $.25/gallon!!!

Image 5

To reach this stage of perfection requires many hours of preparation and skilled personnel.

Image 1

Spraying the varnish is a nasty job and you must protect you lungs with the proper equipment. Note — this is not being done in a spray booth.


Bob Oney has built many excellent woodies over the years and this is his recent 40. He uses Mike Nickels in MI for his wood work.


The adventure begins when you are driving them around Lake Arrowhead enjoying the beautiful landscape that we have in California. Bring a picnic and enjoy the day at the lake.

Photos from the Past


Maybe this was the first idea for Wavecrest. Note the personnel standing in front to the woodies. Could this be a Military unit?


Looks like they were headed out for a fun day at the beach.

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