Victoria, BC

The Northwest Deuce Days show was a huge success and deemed to be one of the largest showing of Deuces in the country. Final count was 750 Deuces and around 1400 total cars. People from all over the world were in attendance enjoying the beautiful city and wonderful cars.

Crowds exceeded 100,000 and the streets were completely packed with persons looking at the beautiful cars. The island is obtainable by crossing on a ferry boat where the cars were greeted by cheering spectators. The venue is a very scenic place with government buildings and harbor yachts making up the landscape.

The event has been held every three years and surely will continue in 2022 depending on the city and promoters agreeing on the worth of the event.Congrats to the promoters and the City of Victoria for such a successful event.

Stay Tooned!


You gotta driv’em

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  1. Picked up my 32-3-window there in 2016 & it was on the 2013 Deuce Days “T” Shirt.Built up in Canada & a nicer one could not be found anywhere Fit/Finish/Detail wasps PERFECT as could be done by mankind.Drove it home to my house on the central coast of Calif.And parked in my garage until I traded it.I was afraid to drive it because of its perfection.(Think Im A Good Judge Of Cars Since Ive Been Messing With Them Since 1969) and have had several cars in magazines the latest one was a 32 Hiboy Roadster named “THE CHEESEGRATER” because the body was Fully Louvered

  2. Lynn do you know what color the roadster with the orange undercarriage is (orange wheels also)?

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