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The weather was wet this past weekend but Jane and I ignored the dampness and headed to LA for a visit to the Edelbrock World Headquarters in Torrance, CA. We had never been there in our 30 years in California but have been a familiar with the brand for many years. In fact, I sold Vic a 1940 sedan delivery a few years ago when we lived in Danville, CA. We arrived early and joined the tours of the massive facilities. We were impressed with our tour guide and each area we visited had a full display of the products they manufacture. And a person taking us through each step of the process was really helpful in understanding what they do. Being an engineer, I really enjoyed the manufacturing areas, the numerous CNC machines and 3-D printers. Millions of dollars in equipment and people who know how to use the machines were obvious to those on the tour.

They employe 700 people and have five locations around the US with over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Many employees indicated they had worked there for 25 years or more, indicating it must be a great place to work. The tour lasted about and hour and was very informative. If you ever have the opportunity to take one of these tours, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Edelbrock for your hospitality.

Don’t forget Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. It has always been a special day for me and our family. We always recognize the work a mother has in front of them each day so make her day memorable. She deserves it!

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The building is done in red and gray throughout the interior and exterior. A very clean facility for a manufacturing plant.

Vic started the company in 1938 with his famous “Slingshot” manifold. My first flathead had this manifold installed.

Various engines with Edlebrock equipment were displayed everywhere on the tour.

Vic drove his Deuce to work every day and raced it on the weekends. It was his family car for a long time. He would remove the fenders for racing and then reinstall them prior to coming home.

Here is the 3-D printer room and some examples of the heads and manifolds being produced.

Massive CNC machines were in every area we visited. A huge investment but required for manufacturing in volume. Note how clean the floors were.

We were given a demonstration of the dyno testing they do on engines both stock and modified with their equipment. Capable of 1000 hp or more when required. They had three different dyno’s in use when we were there.

Stacks of manifolds were waiting their turn in the machines for final processing.

Each station was manned with a person who explained the manufacturing process from casting to final finishing. All done in house. Everything is made in the USA.

I enjoyed the presentation on cylinder heads as I just rebuilt mine on my Signature Series 383 – 460 engine.

Crate engines were completed and ready for shipping. Mine came complete, dyno tested and ready to run. Not inexpensive but hand built by the team at Edelbrock.

The test area for their products on many different brands was impressive. The supercharger business for these late models is a big business for them. Customers include GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep and many others.

Roy built this replica for Vic a few years ago.

Certainly a quality build that Brizio is known for.

The famous black and white assembly area of Brizio’s has had some famous Hot Rods assembled there.

The BLOCK  E D E L B R O C K Heads are famous.

Here is the sedan delivery I sold Vic a few years ago. I purchased it from the late Steve Vannetta who purchased it from CO.

Roy built it for Vic and it turned out beautiful. Sid did the great looking interior and Vic brought it to the GNRS for the 40 is 75 display.

Roy also built Vic a UPI 5-window which was one of the first completed.

Roy knows Deuces and this example really has the look I love.

Vic has worked hard and is enjoying life in his yacht named “Victorious” for obvious reasons. He takes it to Deuce Day in Victoria which will be held again in 2019.

The 2017 Edelbrock catalog has 67,000 parts listed and should be in every Hot Rodders garage. The company supports the Hot Rod and Drag racing community at major events and shows.

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