Valentine Monday

“It never rains in Southern California but when it does it pours” is how the song goes. The rain continues to pour and we are almost back to normal in our drought area. I managed to work on Poppy yesterday while the sun was shining and clean the engine compartment and engine. It seems that if you drive your cars they get dirty in the engine area.

The engine area is close to the ground and picks up all road debris and water when it rains. I have been caught in the rain once but that’s all. Keeping it clean regularly reduces buildup of the crude on the engine and the inner hood panels. People always want to see under the hood so I work hard on keeping it looking good.

Since this week includes Valentine’s Day. I thought I would feature some Red Hot Rods that I like. Poppy is one of them and I’m very thankful to be the caretaker. As some of you know, I have used this exact same car in my ads at the LA Truck Center which I built in the 90’s. Boyd also built me an exact copy except for paint and upholstery. Boyd, Magoo and Dana all had their own version of Red colors for their builds.

Porsche Guards Red was used by Magoo with Boyd and Henry mixing their own color Red.When paint was cheap (70 & 80’s) I used to buy a Honda Red to paint my cars. Today those colors are five to six hundred dollars a gallon in our area, plus you have to buy a harder. I find that cost ridiculous but everything related to painting has gone up. Paint jobs can easily top $40K in some of the better shops in LA.

For my viewers, this Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget your love on this special day!

Stay Tooned!



My Valentineis my daughter in this red roadster -POPPY!

She liked my 55 Red Nomad also!
Brizio built beauty at the 2019 GNRS
My first Corvette was Red 1959
Two Red roadsters at the 2019 GNRS
Red deliveries are also popular.
Lots of 40 trucks are painted Red.
The 29 is Red but looks orange under the lights.
I have seen a few Red 40’s but not many.
How about a ground hugging Red 40 sedan.
Red is the color of this Brizio deuce.
I like the Red Model 40’s also.
Chevrolet Red Trucks are also popular.
Red Ford pickups are popular.
Red is popular on Deuces.
Corvettes always offered a Red model.
The girls love the 40 red convertible.

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