Un-chaperoned Weekend

Pewsplace had an Epic weekend beginning Friday night at Bob’s Big Boy, Saturday morning at Coffee and Kix, Saturday night at Cruising in Newbury Park and finally Sunday at the Classic Chevy Show at Boys Town. You can tell that the wife was out of town enjoying some family time in Florida so I was un-chaperoned and left alone to fend for myself. I never seem to lack the drive to attend all of these events where I talk to peers about our hobby and make lots of new acquaintances plus renew some old ones. I prefer the events with the early rods and customs but they are few and far between these days. Event participation seems to be higher than normal but is primarily cars from the 60’s and up. I find that the Deuces and model 40’s are not very popular in our local cruise nights or shows. I see the same minimal attendance at each event, yet I know there are many more that choose to stay home or drive one of their later model hot rods. For example, at each show I attended their were no more than a couple of Deuces in attendances and I know several people who choose to drive their early Mustang Chevy or Camaro as they are the popular cars being built today. The Early Ford Club was representing their upcoming Western National Event and brought a restored gas pump in the back of Dons 40 pickup. Judging by the age of our group I would think some forward planning may be required to maintain interest/membership in the preservation of the 32-54 Fords. Let’s hope some of the younger generation has some positive thoughts concerning this growing dilemma.

On a positive note, young builders with interest in building their 60’s and up Pro Touring rides seems to be growing as the economy improves. A person I had not meet approached me and asked if I was the author of the Pewspalce blog. ( I had my hat and shirt on.) I was surprised as I very seldom feature cars past 1948. I said yes, and we proceeded to his nicely built 69 Camaro. As he explained the new AME chassis and Wilwood components I could feel the passion he had for the hobby. The car was one of the nicest at the event and the detail was equivalent to a high end show car. He built the car himself and that made me feel good about what is happening to our hobby. It is not changing, the only changes or the vintage of the automobiles attracting the builders. Men and women who love the automotive performance  industry will continue to embrace change and bring forward some very nice rides. I need to remind myself that all enthusiasts are attached to some brand that entices them to seek modifications to meet their expectations. The end result is the same whether the car is a Deuce roadster or a new Camaro.

Our hobby is alive and well and we need to embrace the changes.

Enjoy yourself, pursue your passion and forget your worries as the LA Roadster Show is just a few weeks away.

Stay Tooned!


I know most of you can relate to this Lobeck creation. He had the eye for making the Deuce look just right. Stance is everything on a Deuce. Nice photo by Jim Kampmann.

One of the few Deuces at Wendy drive on Saturday night. Black and beautiful to my generation.

The rumble lid was closed but the Murray body has a classic look that stands alone. 1937 Ford tail lights are popular on Deuces.

Here is an example of the detailing that makes the Pro touring builds so fascinating to me.

A Pontiac with all the characteristics of an early hot rod with a late model body and detailing. These builders can teach us old dogs new tricks.

One of the rarest of the solid axle Corvettes is the 1955 with the first V8. You need to leave this now alone as they are a true collectors item.

We have a few LA Roadster guys in our area and they always keep the flame burning in their Cabriolets.

I am a fan of the 56 Ford pickup. Unique color and lowered stance required a closer look. Mexican blanket will do until $$$ becomes available for a new interior.

I am a Handyman fan especially when they look like this. Dreamsicle had quality work and polished early American 5-spokes.

Notice the Nomad tailgate without the strips. Nice touch.

I have seen this car a few times and he keeps adding some nice touches. Washington Blue with full detailing and spotless undercarriage were evident.

In LA we have what I call the “BOMBS” such as this Dodge four-door. He had ever conceivable option offered and then some. Mile deep black paint and specially painted wheels had everyone asking lots of questions. Chevrolets are common but a Dodge is rarely seen.

Monday’s Deuce Four Door!

Terry at Stoker’s has a cherry Deuce Four Door mounted on a new chassis withe a fresh 283 ready to drive to the LARS. Give him a call if you have an interest.


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  3. this past wednesday you featured a bronze and white 55 chevy hardtop with a hemi motor. killer car. can you possibly tell me who ownes that car or where the picture was taken. I am very interested in the wheels on that car as to the mfg. Thanks for anything you can do.

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