Tuesday’s Trip

The weatherman predicted temperatures near the 100 degree mark today but that didn’t deter me from making the Tuesday Trip with the Roadster Boys. I was a little concerned that no one would show, but at 8:45 they all pulled in one by one. We had a quick coffee and headed out for our trip to the Ocean via the back roads. The weather was not bad in the morning so we wound around the beautiful back roads through Ojai and Lake Casitas. Don was our leader for most of the route and he even planned a stop at a nice little park where all of us old men needed to stop. After a brief stretching and quick car check, we continued on to our final destination winding through the beautiful homes in Carpinteria and surrounding areas.

Our lunch place was full but our girl managed to fit all of us in two tables. The waitress is very nice and takes good care of us Tuesday Hamburger boys. Don flirts with her each week and she loves the attention. Due to the hot weather on the way home, we choose the coast highway and stopped for a milkshake to make sure we stayed cool. There is nothing like a good chocolate shake on an already full stomach. The temperature kept climbing and was well into the 90’s by the time we hit the valleys. All of the cars performed flawlessly and stayed cool. Some days are just down right fun.

I plan to put together a new trip to Solvang, a quaint village up the coast. Steve and Bobby get ready for the Roadster Boys.

Stay Tooned!



Early arrivals parked in our normal spot lining up for today’s trip.

We made our first turn off the freeway and headed for the back roads. We have a lot of gawkers when traveling in a group. You need to be careful when turning at intersections.

We are at the height of fire season in our area and this photo shows why. No rain for months makes everything very dry and combustable.

Sometimes the roads were very congested due to a large boat being trailered to the Lake. Many motorist stopped and let us all good ahead of them.

Our first Pit stop was a welcomed relief after winding around for a couple of hours in the hills. This is a happy group of Roadster Boys. We even had some young ones with us today.

Dave drove his photogenic roadster today and said the bias tires are not made for the curvy roads. He did just fine and I followed him all the way.

I parked Curvy in the shade and away from the Roadster Boys. She is not that kind of girl.

Dave took some photos from his heavy chopped Deuce. Nice scenery is everywhere you look.

The trip home was cooler as we were running along the Pacific Ocean and it was beautiful. Dave’s louvers keep the little 327 running cool.

 Today’s Ride….dreaming.

Ocean Park Ford in Surrey, BC , opened their doors to the hot rodders and had a large turnout. This was my ride for the day. I dream of these cars and this color….perfect.

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