Tuesday’s Travels

The weekend was very hot in LA and also very productive for Pewsplace.  I have been feeling better and decided I needed to do some work  on my projects.  I have been wanting to finish the engine and transmission for Lucy and took the opportunity to finish stripping and painting the engine.  I spent most of Saturday and Sunday on the project and it came out real nice.  I did the painting in the early morning in order not to have the paint quick dry.  I still need to touch up the transmission due to some fluid leaking out on the paint while being stored.  The problem is the project is so old I can no longer purchase the same paint to match the medium Cabernet Red (maroon) that I like so much.  I think I will head to Palmdale and see if I can pickup a quart, plus hardener and reducer.  $$$$  I am ready for installation after I touch up the transmission and take the front sheet metal off Lucy.  She hasn’t been apart in over two years.  Now to stay focused.

Yesterday, we went to the Reagan Library for our annual celebration and were back home by noon.  I alway enjoy the festivities at the Reagan.  It was very hot so after a quick dip in the pool I started to move Andre to the rear patio in order to complete the rear axle installation.  I worked carefully all afternoon and was successful in obtaining all the required parts from the rafters to install the 57 Ford station wagon 9 inch rear end.  I have the whole week to get this job done as the wife is headed to the East Coast with our daughter.  I went for another swim in the pool and rested up for the fireworks display down the street.  I love the 4th of July.

Prior to bed time, I always punch in Craigslist to see what is available in 1932 and 1940 Fords in the LA area.  I was happy to locate a 1932 Ford hiboy sedan that was for sale so I called and made arrangements to go see the car today.  I could not sleep all nigh thinking about a Deuce sedan hiboy I have always wanted.  Some weekends are just perfect.

Stay Tooned!


I stripped the engine down to bare metal and ground some of the casting lines flat.  Paint sticks great to this rough surface.

The finished product came out nice and I will install the remaining components after installation in Lucy.

The transmission also came out nice but some fluid spilled on the rear and needs to be spotted in.  I think I will replace the front and rear seals even though they are new but have been sitting for a year or so.

We can no longer purchase these components in LA so I need to head to Palmdale and purchase some more supplies.

Dave went to Pueblo and sent along some photos of his trip.  I have seen this 34 SD and it is flawless.  Ford in a Ford winner.

I think Poteet started this look but this one looks good done in a natural finished wood.

My friend Dave took this photo from his 34 Tub.  Dale looks happy in his 32 rpu.  What good is the windshield?  I see… goggles are required!

I took a photo of this car at the LARS and here he is again at Pubelo.  I think he is from CO.  I like the Folkstone gray with the Maroon wheels.

Dave likes customs and this 39 looked good to him.  You normally don’t see frenched headlights like this on a 39.

Today’s New Love….maybe!

I had looked at this car about 4 years ago and didn’t realize it until I saw it again today.  Strickly an early style build with a 331 Cadillac and all the right parts to build a retro ride.  The body needs lots of body work (no rust) but needs a couple of weeks at the Kennedy Boys to make me happy.

The top is chopped very little (1 1/2) and you can see the step in the rear window.  A decent chop job but needs further body work to be nice.

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