Tuesday’s Travels – No Toppers

Dave called and asked if I wanted to ride along with him to pick up some items he needed. While we normally all meet at Toppers, I decided a change would be nice and we could also visit the Early Ford Store of California. Bob-O thought this was a good idea also, so we jumped in the suburban and headed to Pomona in some fairly heavy traffic. Bench racing while driving is sure fun and we covered all the latest subjects including the Early V8 Nationals next week. The event promises to be exciting with numerous early Fords taking part in the event. I have been to several over the years and always enjoyed looking at restored versions of what I modify. They prefer stock restorations but allow modified to park in a separate area. Many cars have been updated to make them safe to drive and still retain the overall originality of Henry’s design. Trailers are plentiful as judging is critical of any car that is not perfect. Over restored kills you on points and under restored does the same thing. Perfect is something that is not in my vocabulary, but The Early Ford V8 Club of American prefers as close to perfect as possible and believe me, many of these cars are “Perfect” in every respect – 995 points to be exact. If you want to see some really nice early Fords then take a trip out to the Westlake Hyatt and enjoy the day. The “Judgement Day” is Thursday, September 4, 2014.

We soon arrived at the Early Ford Store and Bill and his crew were busy with customers and moving their fleet around. There is something about visiting this place that makes you feel good. Maybe it is being surrounded by thousands of Old Ford parts and cars that take you back to the good times of your youth. We all looked over the cars and browsed the huge inventory for the latest arrivals. Bill seems to always have something new in stock and is a walking encyclopedia for Old Ford parts. We informed him of the EF V8 show and he will be attending. We managed to spend some money and take home a few much needed parts for our cars. If my wallet was a little fatter, I could have purchased almost everything I needed for a new hot rod. Deuce frames, wheels, brakes, grille shells, motors and the list goes on. Bill has it in stock or nearby. We finally drove over to the Norm’s Hanger for a quick lunch and watched the jets land next to our table. Some day’s are just made for doing nothing and hanging out where you feel good. Thanks Dave for dragging us along.

Finally, to all my friends in the Napa area, I am glad you are safe, sound and suffered no major damage to yourself, your homes or hot rods. Earthquakes are common in California, but a 6.0 magnitude quake is a little more like blowing a tire at 80 mph. Things could have really gone bad. I wish all of you a speedy recovery.

Stay Tooned!



Bill has owned this skirt-less front fendered 33 Vicky for many years. The grille is perfect as is the rest of the car.


The Kennedy Boys added the neat auxiliary panel which blends in nicely with the stock 33 gauge panel. I am a big fan of the 33 gauge panel.


Bill had a new product he is offering. These tie rod ends come in two styles. The one shown above simply screws into your current radius rod/wishbone bung. The quality is first class. $150 per pair. Inner parts and ball are extra.


Poor photo, but the tie rod on the left is the style that welds into the wishbone end and has a clamp load on the threaded portion – Neat stuff! I will get some better photos.


These 33 hood sides were unique with 37 hood sides molded in. The workmanship was flawless. $500 seems cheap for these with new latches.


Dave and Charlie were at Tom’s house while in town and checked out progress on his new roadster. Lots of work has been done since last year. That motor will keep Dave busy when he steps on the gas headed down the mountain in TX. Tom is doing a beautiful job.


The interior is strictly business with racing seats, dash and pedals looking ready for some action. Moal furnished the pedals and heater and the seats.


The motor is held in place with some strong mounts by Tom and the suspension is a Moal Torsion Bar unit which provides a cushy ride. Tom did a lot of engineering on this chassis to make it all fit and work like Dave wanted.


The MN roadster boys made the trek to P-Town this year and stopped into see Roy and his crew. Roy is always a gracious host and takes time to explain his operation  and each car. He is totally involved in each car that goes through his shop. He is one of the best in the business.


Tom gave the MN fellows a nice tour of his home garage and car collection. The pickup  is Tom’s latest build. I haven’t seen the truck but will visit him next month while in the Bay area.


John had Billy chop the top on another 3 window he is having Roy build. He has a “thing” for 3 windows.

Topless Tuesday Deuce !


Rick and Ryan are to be featured on the cover of the next issue of TRJ. This car has been receiving lots of ink lately and is one of the better executions of the iconic Deuce hiboy to built lately. Steve can take photos as if he were painting them. I could change from a Model 40 roadster to one of these if it looked like this one.


This photo proves that beautiful cars by Ryan go down the highway. Here is Rick cruising the long stretch of I-5 to P-Town. Sometimes everything just feels right about this one. As the song goes, ” Oh what a feeling”.



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