Tuesday’s Travels

Our first trip to Alisal Ranch with the roadster groups, in the beautiful Danish City of Solvang was a smashing success. Our morning started out with cool coastal air and fog. The roadster boys were crying to ride in the back of Pepe. We met up with the balance of our southern group in Camarillo and headed up the coast with Pepe leading the way. The journey took us about 2 hours with one well deserved pit stop. All the cars ran perfectly and by the time we arrived at our destination the weather was what we expect in California…Gorgeous. By accident, we met up with the Central Coast Roadsters turning on the street leading us to the River Grill. We found our destination and lined up the roadsters and poor boy roadsters (sedans) along the scenic Alisal Ranch Golf Club and Resort. The drive through the Danish village is breathtaking with the Danish architecture and windmills lining the streets. People were crowding in the streets to take photos of the cars and we all had a big smile on our faces. Hot Rods are meant to be driven so both the driver and the audience can enjoy the automobile built by enthusiasts who take pride in ownership. After a short photo session, we all entered the River Grill for a tasty lunch and some old fashion bench racing. The restaurant did a fantastic job of accommodating our large group (28) and we were finished in about 1 hour. I had invited some of my local hot rod friends for the luncheon and Bobby invited us to visit his garage and collection of cars located at his ranch. The ranch is about 15 minutes alway in Los Olivas and he lead the way for all of us. The large iron gate opened and we drove back to his vast garage complex which houses his collection and workshop. The beautiful grounds leading up to the garage were truly amazing. The roadsters lined up in a single row for another photo opportunity. Bobby explained all of his projects starting with his 36 Cabriolet which he just recently drove to Canada for the Deuce Days.  He finished by sharing his newly completed 39 Ford convertible sedan. I featured this car several months ago when my friend Bob-O had made an offer to purchase but was not accepted. Bobby put the deal together and finished the car is grand style. Jane wanted to take it home but it wouldn’t fit in her bag. While this was my favorite car, the Pappy Dryer midget was right up there also. The midget was raced in the 1930’s and is powered by a V-8 60 with a 180 degree crank. I think everyone enjoyed listening to Bobby talking about the hunt and restoration of this car. The group spent about 1 hour roaming around and taking photos with Bobby answering all questions. Since it was getting late and we had a two hour drive home I thanked our host and we all headed to Santa Barbara for ice cream. (This is a must for one of our group so we all joined in for the hot fudge sundaes.) The drive home was much hotter than the morning trip but was still very enjoyable dreaming about the wonderful day spent driving in our hot rods.

My day ended about 5:00 pm when Pepe pulled in the driveway at Pewsplace. I could not have asked for a better follow up to “Living the Dream” part ll, than this trip with the roadster boys. Thanks to all of you who attended and a special thanks to Bobby for the hospitality and tour.

Stay Tooned!


Early line up with Bob and his new roadster cap for the chilly trip up the coast. This is fun!

The rest stop was very cold and the roadster boys were looking for more clothing to keep warm. Jane turned on the heat in Pepe. The pink Chevy was our inspiration during the whole trip.

The Danish town is as clean as you can imagine and always a big attraction for tourist like us.

We kept the waiters busy taking our separate check orders. They loved us. We had another complete table of 10 in the other section. The food at the River Grill is excellent.

Jane was the last one out of the place and hated to leave. She is a good companion on these trips.

After lunch we waited for our tour guide to lead us to his ranch. The 36 was also in Canada this year.

Lucille and Pepe were in love again so we parked them together. Maybe I should add whitewalls on Pepe.

The road back to the ranch garage was very picturesque and we slowed down to smell the roses. It is time you know, that you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here is part of the garage at the “Flathead Ranch”. Each stall is about 3 cars deep.

A complete refurbishing was being done on the 36 including the supercharged flathead engine.

Bobby found this cutie in IN and has fully restored it to the current state.

The V8-60 is about as cute as they come and really work well in the midgets. The chrome and paint work is flawless.

A rare 39 Ford convertible sedan was sitting on the hoist for us to inspect. Lyon Blue with black interior and top was really stunning.

The stock looking interior has a special dark gray woodgraining which is subtle and very elegant in appearance.

A French flathead was built by Bobby to the maximum available to make the big sedan keep up with the boys. His company made the Fenton Headers for many years and later for Patricks.

My wife was trying to persuade “Lady Lyon” to go home with her. She has loved these cars for many years. Good job Bobby.

The Line-Up

We had 14 cars parked in the spacious lot  and could have parked many more. Thanks Bobby for the tour and we will be back to see the Deuce sedan.


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