Tuesday’s Travels

I always admire people who take their Hot Rods on long trips with people who share the same interest.  My friend George has been taking trips with fellow Deuce owners for the past few years and always takes some nice photos of their adventure.  The trips take two weeks and covers 3000 miles of America’s beautiful countryside.  I have driven a Hot Rod back and forth to the Bay Area a few times (five hours) and found that is about all I can stand in a days time.  I wish I could go on these trips but unfortunately I can no longer stay on the road for more than a day.

Speaking of trips, this is the week that Hot Rodder’s from all over the country are headed to Louisville for the NSRA Nationals.  I have friends who are driving and some who are taking the trailer due to their physical condition.  I respect them for attending and supporting the hobby no matter how they get their cars to the event.  I look forward to seeing and hearing about the show from them when they return.

I am still working on the roadster this week and gathering parts that I need to complete the engine installation.  I had forgotten how much additional equipment is required prior to starting the engine.  I found some of the parts yesterday and will locate some more today.  I find networking really helps when searching for parts. Most of us have parts in our inventory that we will never use and someone else needs.  I have my list handy at the “Office” and review it daily.  This is fun.

Stay Tooned!


Somewhere near the Grand Teton Mountains George stopped for this picture perfect shot of his coupe.

All the Deuce owners parked together for this photo.  Gary joined the group in his very comfortable Vicky.

You can’t travel through Wyoming without attending the Cody Nite Rodeo.  Jim drove his super Pontiac this year.

George and Gary have the edge over the roadster guys.  Closed cars rule on a long trip through all kinds of inclement weather.

I have been thinking about the seat in Lucy and I like this plain design that the Hot Rod Shop did in Jim’s roadster.

Someone in LA owns this very nice RPU.  The car is from back east and really has lots of engineering ideas for the RPU builder.

Jim knows the OEM look better than most and has done several in this style for his many customers.  This all hooks to the stock driveline in a 40.

I still love these big boys.  Doug built this beauty many years ago and it shows up on eBay once in a while.

This was the last project Lil John started for his son prior to his passing.  I don’t know the current status but with Davis working on the sheetmetal it will be flawless.  That is curly on the right.

Henry added tube shocks in late 1947 and this is the rear one being adapted to and early rear end.  The problem with these units are the angle of the shocks is too severe unless you space them out toward the center.  The left side is longer than the right side for some reason.  I think the tailpipe hits the shock on the right side therefore it is shorter.

I only show this structure to point out that make sure you put some arch in the cross bows or the top will sit flat in the middle.  This one is done correctly.

In my early Hot Rod building days this would have been the photo in my garage.  Note the complete FI Vette engine and mount being fitted to this Deuce.  The motor is too high in the front to try and place the fan in the center of the radiator.

Today’s rear end….dreaming!

Vern can build the look of an early hot rod better than most.  Mike captured the look on his studio.  This is the look that many try to duplicate when building and early roadster.

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