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We had a quiet, hot holiday weekend around Pewsplace this past weekend. I drove Pepe to the “Office” each day and caught up on the local car news which included the Nationals in Ventura. I don’t attend this event but several of my friends did and enjoyed the show. I truly relaxed and thought about our trip to Solvang next week with the Roadster Boys. I am thinking a roadster in 90+ degree weather without a top may be hazardous to our health. Most of the owners have tops but seldom install them. I think I would purchase a Bop Top which could be kept in the trunk and installed in minutes if so required.

Tops look good on a roadster especially if they have the correct shape and color. Several styles are available including the laid back windshield and top from Stanley Wanless. Our group uses the Neil Gates stock style irons with oak bows which I prefer, but they are not portable like the newer versions on the market. I do like the shape of the Bop Top the best of all except for the McGee style built by Gabe for some SO-CAL roadsters. The early look requires the white naugahyde, while tan and black Hartz cloth seem to be the norm on roadsters built today. If you really want to have the cool top then have Terry Hegman build you an aluminum top or your favorite Top Shop build a Carson style complete with tag. The latter style will set you back about $10K but they have a look all of their own. As summer ends and the weather cools down, perhaps now is the time to think about a top for your roadster.

Have a good week as you head into the dreaming season for your next hot rod project.

Stay Tooned!


The super laid back Duvall with a really low profile top makes the car look sinister. I would think it would be hard to see out the side of this car as mine was the same.

Here is more of a stock style which provides more visibility but not the look of the Duvall windshield.

I really like the looks of this top with the post’s laid back and chopped a couple of inches.

This old top looks perfect on one of my favorite 34 roadsters. Chrome reverse wheels and whitewall tires add to the look.

Here is a Bop Top in black which makes this roadster stand out in a sea of black roadsters.

If you prefer no fenders then this one should inspire you to add a Bop Top to your ride.

The Wanless style top really has the slinky look but really is leaned back.

Adding a top to the Duvall windshield takes some artistic talent to make them look good. The taller the driver the higher the crown.

This one has been around a long time but is still the example to follow for the top profile.

Sid can install a vent window in your Bop Top for around $1000. He said it helps with the air flow on long hot trips.

Maybe you prefer the solid lift off top as shown above. Lots of work but breathtaking in person.

Terry did this one on Phil’s roadster and it is perfect in design and fitment. Note the reveal like the 34 coupe top.

Building the Carson style top involves a lot of work as shown above. The cost for this one was $10K a few years ago.

Here is the finished product. The top has the “Kustom” look but is plenty classy in my mind.

The Ken Gross roadster has the Carson Style top that is perfect for the car and period of build. I watched this car being built by the first owner many years ago. Ken with Dave’s help made it one of the best in recent years of the early style roadsters.,

A ride up the coast in this cockpit would be a piece of cake. Even my wife would like the ride.

Mark built one of the best full fendered roadsters of late. The top is one of the best as is the roadster.

You can see the profile of the top and how nicely is fits over the rear deck panel. The zip out rear window is my choice for ventilation on a hot day. She is a perfect 10.

 Today’s Winner!

Dale Hunt won the prestigous award at this years Detroit Autorama with his classic Deuce which featured a lift off top.

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