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I had to pick up the wife today at LAX and I dreaded the trip until Walt called and said meet him for lunch.  He offered to loan me his super duper engine tilter that bolts to the manifold.  I told him I would meet him at his house and do lunch prior to picking up the wife.  I have never used the manifold design as I was always afraid of striping the threads out of the aluminum manifold.  I know several people who use them so I am going to give it a test with a safety chain hooked up to motor just in case.  The lifter is quite a nice piece and very compact in design.  I don’t know who makes them today, but I am sure someone has copied the design by now (made in China).  I will let you know how it works in Friday’s post.  Walt and I had a great LaPaz Burrito and then I headed to the airport.

One thing nice about noon arrival flights is there is hardly any traffic at the airport. The 405 was a different story coming and going, but hey…..it’s LA Baby.  I am wore out today so I will talk about pickup trucks.  I have grown found of the Deuce pickup and the Forty pickup over the years and while I don’t fit in the cab I still like the looks.  I choose my delivery for the room and all of my junk I carry.  The pickup offers a bed but not secure and the cabs are quite small compared to the delivery.  I found some neat ones on the web to share with you.  I take a lot of photos of the 40/41 pickup but I don’t see many Deuce pickups at the meets.  You need to be young and skinny to drive one for an extended period of time (one hour).

Yesterday, I accidentally discovered what was causing the annoying clunk in Ruby’s front suspension.  I was cleaning the engine compartment and when I touched the hood a hinge bolt fell on the ground.  Yes, the bolt must have worked loose and finally let go after months of clunking.  The sheet metal clunk was in the bolt interference with the hood hinge brace.  I picked up the bolt and reinstalled it with a lock nut which should hold until I can secure some safety wire nuts and bolts.  We have all been there but when we solve the clunk/noise problem a big smile comes over our face.  Miller time for sure!

Stay Tooned!


I saw this cutie on the HAMB and thought it was really nice with the full fenders and chopped top.

Gary, at Cornhusker, has his personal project for sale and if I were shorter I would purchase the truck.  He builds my style of hot rods.  The top has been chopped three inches and looks very correct to me.

He added the new Brookville bed to the stock Deuce cab and hid the latches.  Forget the fenders on this one, shoot the truck in deep maroon and drive it to Louisville.

I like the maroon on the axle and backing plates of this early set up.  Paint on the spindles is the proper coating for safety.

If you like the early custom look this very nicely done truck has all the features you would see in the “Little Pages”.

A perfectly stock green 41 pickup sure caught my eye at the Forties Limited show.

Here is a classic color combination, black and apple green works for me.  Note the rear bumper which is not flat.

This high end pickup was a great addition to the JCP in Burbank.  I think the orange steelies on Gary’s truck above would look good on this truck.

Here is the best of both designs.  The color on the 40 is really nice and he told me it was off of a model A passenger car.

Today’s Canadian Sedan…dreaming!

John always has the cool rides.  He picked up this sedan with some strange bumpers. He claims they are Canadian Commercial units.

Here you can see the ends which are actually pieces of tubing that have been welded to the bumpers. ???

I am familiar with the large knuckle Deuce bumpers but I have never read about or seen any like these in my many years of looking at Deuces.

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